Salvador Ramos Allegedly Announced His Plans To Shoot Up A School But The FBI Ignored Warnings From A Gamer Who Reported His Threat

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We have all been watching in horror as Uvalde, Texas is forced to endure the most painful tragedy that could ever take place in an elementary school. On May 24, an 18-year-old male slaughtered 21 individuals, including 19 children.

As multiple families are grieving in ways they never thought possible, more information is being released about the maniacal shooter who purchased two firearms just days after his 18th birthday, and subsequently shot and killed 19 children and two teachers. His name was Salvador Ramos, and there are many accounts from locals about how aggressive, unfriendly, and lonely he was. He was obsessed with video games and lived back and forth between his mother's house and his grandmother's house. New reports are coming out showing that he was clear about his plans to shoot up a school, but the FBI apparently ignored the threats.

Salvador Ramos Allegedly Announced His Plans To Shoot Up a School but the FBI Ignored Warnings

Just hours before Ramos charged into Robb Elementary School and went on a murderous shooting spree, a female gamer reported someone to the FBI who had threatened to "shoot up a school" after he lost the game they were playing with a few other people. They were playing a game called Dead by Daylight.

She was shocked by the player's frightening rant about using an AR-15 to kill people at a school, and she quickly recorded the audio. She sent this footage to both the FBI and Behaviour Interactive, the creators of this game. The person who went on this violent verbal tirade is believed to be Salvador Ramos, especially since this was the same weapon that he used to attack Robb Elementary School.

"They mentioned they had some type of gun and kept saying it was going to be all of our fault," she said anonymously on Reddit. "[I] recorded the entire postchat and we all kind of brushed it off as him just saying edge lord type sh*t. But I just am like in disbelief because I've never seen someone say that before."

This apparently wasn't the first time that Ramos had made violent threats online while gaming. One of Ramos' Instagram friends told The Sun, "I do know someone that used to play Call of Duty with him online, and he would talk about school shootings all the time, but everyone on the game always thought he was joking."

The FBI clearly did nothing to respond to this threat, leaving 21 people to die at the hands of a maniac.

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