Sabrina Carpenter Uses Christian Imagery In Music Video, Sparks Outrage

Sabrina Carpenter is facing backlash for her "lack of respect" toward Christianity in her new music video.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Former Disney star Sabrina Carpenter has fueled outrage on social media after unveiling her new music video for "Feather." The music video utilized Christian imagery and featured the singer strutting and dancing around the church as she celebrates the death of a relationship.

The beginning of the music video displays the inside of a church and cuts to a cross that reads, "RIP B*tch." In the middle, Carpenter goes on a killing spree, targeting men who have wronged her. Directed by Mia Barnes, the video is reminiscent of horror flicks like Jennifer's Body and with a mix of Promising Young Woman – works that are inappropriate to juxtapose with religion. Carpenter wears a short black dress with tights and high heels, completely unbothered despite being at a funeral toward the end.

Viewers felt that her "artistic direction" mocked people's faith. One disappointed fan on Instagram wrote, "love you Sabrina, but you wouldn’t mock other religions like this. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s cool or good. It doesn’t have anything to do with the song. Disappointed."

"this is so beyond disrespectful towards God/ Christianity," writes @a.1hernandez."

"ummm... girlie why are we mocking christiniaty," adds a woman named Jackie. "I was rooting for you until this moment."

"it is very sad to see the indifference and lack of respect that exist nowadays when it comes to something as important as faith. people's beliefs are their foundations, what they stand for as well as live for," adds @arlennergc in the comment section. "there is a very fine line that, simply by common sense, anyone knows when religion is not being used as a means for artists to further express their artistry, but to make a mockery out of it. it’s unjustifiable and truly eye-opening how normal it’s becoming today, especially in the entertainment industry. God bless."

"It is very sad to see the indifference and lack of respect that exist nowadays."

I like Carpenter, but I can sympathize with the Christians in the comment section. Celebrities are always incorporating Christian or Catholic imagery in their works, which comes across as insensitive to those who follow Christ. My issue with these entertainers is the double standard in the treatment of Christianity compared to other religions. We would never see them do the same with Islam or Judaism. Social media users would try and "cancel" them without hesitation. Yet, they romanticize, sexualize or mock Christianity and normalize such behavior. Why is it that that's not considered insensitive or offensive?

It's ironic how celebrities also present themselves as beacons of virtue that advocate for various social and political causes, but they never keep that same energy when it comes to people with different beliefs.

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