Rumor Has It That Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Are Engaged After 5 Years Together

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Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn

It might be a love story. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are reportedly engaged, although neither has confirmed this to be true yet.

Sources told Life and Style that superstar singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, 32, and British actor Joe Alwyn, 30, are getting hitched. We don't know if this is 100% true yet, as neither Taylor nor Joe has announced the news themselves, but it seems like they could very well be engaged.

Taylor and Joe Sparked Engagement Rumors in January

The couple took a romantic trip to Cornwall in mid-January, and ever since then fans have been speculating whether the two are engaged. They have been together for five years but have always been fairly private about their relationship.

At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Taylor gushed about her boyfriend when she won Album of the Year. “Joe, who is the first person that I sing every single song that I write,” Taylor said. She said they had “so much fun writing songs in quarantine."

Taylor has been in the spotlight a lot lately with the re-release of her hit album "Red." The song "All Too Well" reignited conversations about her two-month whirlwind romance with Jake Gyllenhaal with 2012, but in the midst of all the drama it seems that she has been going strong with Joe.

Fans are waiting impatiently to hear the confirmation from Taylor about her engagement.

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