This Is What's Really Behind The Rise In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

By S.G. Cheah
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This Is What's Really Behind The Rise In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Anti-Asian hate crimes by black Americans are on the rise. But who’s the real racist here?

In the past few months, there has been a string of heinous, unprovoked attacks against elderly Asian-Americans. One of the victims was an 84-year-old man who was out on his morning walk when he was shoved to his death on the sidewalk of his neighborhood. This is just one example of the many other incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes that are on the rise. 

From the many video clips that surfaced, it was clear that the assailants were overwhelmingly young, black males. Normally, the question of race shouldn’t even matter because a brutal and senseless murder is universally evil, no matter the perpetrator’s race. 

But since the journalists in charge of establishment news insist on spinning everything into an issue of race, let’s take a look at their narrative. We’re told that these hate crimes against Asian-Americans are rooted in “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” in America. Among the justifications of this accusation includes the systemic racism of America’s founding, the growing threat of white supremacy, and former president Trump’s xenophobic labeling of COVID-19 as “the China Virus.”

Of course, interminority violence doesn't fit into the Left's view of white supremacy in America. But since they can't ignore the violence, we're now seeing some incredible mental gymnastics being performed in order to transform these hate crimes – specifically ones perpetrated by black suspects – into yet another product of white supremacy.

Journalists Are Now Fighting Against Objectivity

There's a glaring issue with the narrative here. The accusations of “institutionalized white racism” by the mainstream media don't hold any water. Why? Well, for the very simple reason that none of the assailants in these huge stories, who attacked and murdered these Asian-American victims, were white. It’s as simple as that. 

We’re now witnessing how media personnel themselves are fighting against neutrality in journalism since they believe that “objectivity is nothing more than a tool used to uphold white supremacy.” So a characteristic of the culture of white supremacy is…objectivity.

objectivity symptom white supremacy

Image Source: Showing Up For Racial Justice

characteristics white supremacy culture
Image Source: The Detroit News

The Scandal

When a low-life scum preys on the frail and the elderly, the last thing that should occur in someone's mind is "how can I blame this on white supremacy/nationalism?" Yet this is the mindset of activists in the Racial Justice Industrial Complex, whereby everything is viewed through the lens of race. In this case, the race-baiting activists wasted no time as they exploited the tragedy in order to bash the entire demographic of white people, accusing them of being guilty of racism. 

Before we proceed, first, understand that when a crime is committed against an innocent victim, the only person who should be blamed is the criminal themselves. These attackers and murderers who are responsible for the attacks against the Asian-American victims are responsible for their actions, regardless of their race. If you were to swap out the race of the perpetrator from a black person into an Asian person, the crime is still as heinous, even if it were committed by someone from the same race as the victim. 

Hiding the Truth

But since the gatekeepers of mainstream media decided to spin the story of these violent attacks against Asian-Americans into a narrative of “white nationalism” and “white supremacy,” we have no choice but to examine their slanderous lies about racism in America. 

To start off, it already makes no sense when the profile of these attackers doesn’t fit the description of white nationalists, since, well, they’re not white. That itself should’ve been sufficient to end the accusation that white nationalism was responsible for these attacks. There are a lot of problematic issues regarding white nationalism. However, violent hate crimes against Asians by black Americans isn’t one of them. 

Acknowledging the Reality of Interminority Racism

It's also not sufficient to blame the rise of hate crimes against Asians on former President Trump’s “racist rhetoric” of correctly calling COVID-19 the “China virus.” Viruses have always been referred to by their place of origin. The Ebola virus was named after it was discovered near the Ebola River. The Zika virus was named after the Zika Forest. The Spanish flu and Hong Kong flu were named after Spain and Hong Kong. The list goes on.  

Claiming the hate crimes against Asian-Americans are caused by referring to the Wuhan flu as the “China virus” is an insult to our intelligence at best and intentional malice at worst.

Evading Real Issues To Push “Woke” Agendas

Perhaps the worst sin of journalism today is how they’re actively suppressing the uncomfortable truth of interminority racism. Ask any honest person who’s courageous enough to tell it to you straight if they’ve dealt with interminority racism and just listen to what they have to say. Chances are, they’ll re-affirm this reality. 

Pre-social justice era, the problem of interminority racism was even tackled openly and honestly by the minorities themselves. Today, the issue is hijacked by the racial justice movement, who, through their arrogance and delusions, made the problem all about combatting “white racism and white supremacy” in America. “You poor minorities are just helpless victims. Let us woke (mostly white) saviors settle this problem for you.”

Determinism vs. Free Will

When all is said and done, the question that often goes unanswered is “Why are progressives so obsessed with race all the time?” The answer is clear once you start peeling back the layers and get to the root of their ideology. Progressive racial activists view people in terms of group identity. They often subscribe to the notion that a person’s experience is determined by their race. This belief is based on biological (race) determinism. 

Determinism is the doctrine that all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will. Some philosophers have taken determinism to imply that individual human beings have no free will and thus can’t be held morally responsible for their actions. Determinism is the opposite of free will. The determinism perspective goes like this: Since inner-city minorities suffer under the terror of systemic racism and the oppression of abject poverty, they can’t help it when they end up committing violent crimes. 

Free will, on the other hand, asserts that a person has control over their actions. As such, they’re expected to carry out their actions based upon their own moral judgment. Because of this, everyone, no matter their skin color, is to be judged by their actions as an individual. Under the doctrine of free will, neither skin color nor socio-economic status plays a role in determining an individual’s moral character. America’s justice system is built on the doctrine of free will. Unsurprisingly, individualism is also another “characteristic of white supremacy,” according to social justice activists.

individualism symptom white supremacy
Image Source: Showing Up For Racial Justice

Asian-Americans Are Less Safe in Progressive States

In the case of the murder of the elderly Asian man, the perpetrator didn’t commit the hate crime because he was black. He committed the hate crime because he chose to be a vicious and worthless human being. In light of this, he (the murderer) is as much a danger to any other human being as he is to the elderly Asian community. 

Back then, society openly condemned men like these for acting against the laws of civil society. Today, instead of applying the same standard of justice by condemning the action of criminals who chose to hurt the innocent, you’ll see a set of people claim that “he couldn’t help it, it's white supremacy’s fault!” Even worse are the ones who also demand “less policing” because law enforcement is an instrument of white supremacy

Thankfully, these sorts of radical recommendations are concentrated mostly in progressive states and cities – where the activists hold the most political sway. Sane and sensible policies are still encouraged in states like Florida, and the results can be seen by the lack of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.    

anti asian hate crimes increased
The list of cities with the highest rate of hate crimes against Asians. Almost all are Democrat-controlled. 

How Not To Be a Woke Racist

It’s essential that we don’t automatically implicate all black Americans as being racist. No one else is to be blamed for the heinous attacks on these elderly Asians except for the culprits themselves. These adult individuals possess the free will to take control of their actions. These perpetrators didn’t brutalize a helpless person because they’re black; they did it because they were individuals who chose to commit an evil act.   

So the question to ask is “what then is contributing to the spike of some individuals targeting victims based on their skin color?” The answer is clear when you look at the progressives’ obsession with race. The more we’re made aware of our differences as human beings because of our skin color, the more likely that intellectually lazy people (like thugs who prey on innocent people) will conduct their judgment based upon skin color.

The True Racists Responsible for the Growth of Racism

When you can predict how a set of people would react to any subject matter – because you know they’ll immediately shift their focus to the question of race, you’ll know that they’re the true racists. A racist is obsessed with race, it’s as simple as that. Due to the racial activist’s implicit belief in biological determinism, skin color becomes the main determinant of how a person is judged. So now any interminority violence can be easily brushed away from the actual perpetrator, and instead blamed on the specter of white supremacy.

They will try to rationalize and justify their acute focus on race by claiming that the “underprivileged black community” acts this way because they’re oppressed by a systemically racist system. “They can’t help it! It’s not their fault! White supremacy/nationalism is to be blamed!” Notice also, how condescending and offensive this is to the black community when the race-warriors make excuses for brutal criminals as being incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions because they’re black. 

Closing Thoughts

We mustn’t tolerate this kind of intellectual dishonesty and emotional manipulation. A problem can’t be fixed unless it’s correctly identified first. Avoidance will only make things worse. First, society must face the fact that interminority racism exists. Evading this important detail and pretending that the attacks against Asian-Americans (by another minority group) stem from “white supremacy” will just perpetuate the hate crimes against Asians. 

But more importantly, we must reject the progressives’ obsession with race. A person’s skin color doesn’t determine how they act. This isn’t new. Martin Luther King, Jr. already said that humans should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. This is important because freedom and free-will go hand in hand. Alternately, the woke racist’s championing of biological determinism is an idea that will eventually lead America into dictatorship.

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