'Rick And Morty' Creator Justin Roiland's Alleged Leaked DMs To A 16-Year-Old Fan Is Disturbing, And Several Women Have Accused Him Of Manipulating And Victimizing Them

"Rick and Morty" creator Justin Roiland's alleged leaked DMs to a minor are going viral on Twitter following the news of him facing domestic assault charges. Other purported victims have come out to say that Roiland manipulated them, sharing old text messages between them and the writer as "proof."

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Justin Roiland
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Justin Roiland – the creator of the popular animated series Rick and Morty – is facing domestic violence charges over an incident reportedly involving his ex-girlfriend. The writer recently denied these allegations, but he has yet to address the leaked messages he reportedly sent to minors on social media platforms. 

Roiland's previous fans have accused him of predatory behavior, which involves incidents from when they were just teens. According to the alleged victims, Roiland abused his status to approach minors on social media. 

One person on January 15 shared their alleged old messages with Roiland, but went private after releasing them. "On September 2015 Justin Roiland followed me on twitter, I was 16. Of course I was so excited because I loved R&M at the time!" she writes in a now-deleted tweet. "So I messaged him first and we started talking every now and then, some of it very casual but some parts were 100% weird."

She was right. One of the things Roiland apparently sent to the minor said, "You should just run away from home and go into sex slavery YOU F*CKING STUPID F*GGOT B*TCH!!!"

In the screenshots below, Roiland tells the young girl to start "cam whoring" once she turns 18. He also kept referring to her as "jailbait." "Why are you such jailbait? What's wrong with you in that regard? You should grow older you dumb b*tch."

"Is it cool being a jailbait?" he was reported to have asked on October 7, 2015. "Does the FBI follow you around arresting all the men you sleep with?" 

A different woman, @Cvntfibers, shared her own media encounter with Roiland, who randomly asked her years ago, "Are you going to get Morty tattoo'd on your boob licking your nipple? If not you, then who?" 

Justin Roiland Accused of Messaging and Manipulating Minors and Several Women

One user, @opossumopunk, took to Twitter and Facebook to reveal how Roiland manipulated her as a teen. "He first messaged me on twitter in January 16, after following me a while before that. I was 16 years old," she wrote. "He had been watching my account for a while, he even admitted to that. He had this friend, 'Christy', who I assume works/worked as a predatory scout for him – finding young girls who looked a certain way and trying to set up threesomes for herself and Justin."

She continued, "After briefly telling me about Christy and how he found my account through her, he sends a separate message that reads, quote, 'By the way, not sure if I ever told you this but I think you're insanely hot.' My reply was literally 'lmfao thanks. im not even 18' and he just makes light of it with jokes and continues on with conversation."

@opossumopunk disclosed how Roiland texted her for years. The purported victim believed that they were friends, with the writer acting as a "mentor" who would teach her about the entertainment and animation industry. "It took me years to realize it was always empty promises in attempt to coerce me into a sexual relationship," she confessed.

On June 2019, Roiland sent the then-minor a text saying he will finally be in town. She met up with him in person, and Roiland tried to pressure her to drink more at a party. He also asked her to kiss another woman, but she left not too long after.

A different Twitter user, @arlocado, echoed these allegations and posted, "Justin Roiland has a track record of using social media to hit up and exploit vulnerable people and minors and I believe this is an open secret in the industry, he used my sexual trauma and my love for RaM to groom me and I am just one of SO MANY. I am so glad this is public."

Disturbing Podcast Episode Featuring Justin Roiland Resurfaces

In 2011, Roiland's disturbing thoughts were broadcasted to the world on The Grandma's Virginity Podcast, where he discusses being a hypothetical child. "If I could go back and be a fourth-grade kid right now with what I know, oh my god, I'd be like – I'd be gettin' laid every f*ckin' day. And it would be, and it would be legal too because I would be a little kid."

Roiland then talks about being attracted to minors with "fully developed bodies": "A f*cking 14-year-old that looks like she's 18, and like big t*tties – like, of course, I'm attracted to that! That's why this whole Chris Hansen thing, f*ck you, man!"

He defends the previous statement, saying, "100 years ago, it was little 13 year-old-girls, if they were built like a woman, they were gettin' married and having kids! And now we're gonna be all precious about it?"

Roiland finally makes this surprising claim: "So anyways, I'm not a pedophile, though."

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