Rachel Zegler Responds To "Snow White" Backlash And Says Her Comments Were Just "Taken Out Of Context"

After endlessly trashing the upcoming remake of the Disney classic, Rachel Zegler is now breaking her silence and making herself out to be the victim.

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Disney is bringing back the classic 1937 animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as a live-action feature. Based on the Brothers Grimm story from 1812, this animated film was Disney's pioneering venture. Announced in 2016 and set for release on March 22, 2024, this remake titled Snow White will diverge notably from its predecessor. Unlike some Disney reimagined tales that premiere on Disney+, this will hit theaters. Though a full trailer remains pending, footage was showcased during 2022's D23 Expo.

Rachel Zegler, the Golden Globe-winning actress from West Side Story, will play Snow White, while Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is cast as the Evil Queen. Other notable cast members include Tony-winner Andrew Burnap as Jonathan and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Martin Klebba as Grumpy. The revamped portrayal seeks a modern touch, with Zegler emphasizing how her Snow White dreams not of love but of leadership.

However, Zegler's approach to promoting the film has stirred controversy. In various interviews, she voiced her disgust with the original tale's themes and expressed her distaste for the princess character. Such arrogant, unlikable comments have led to substantial online backlash, with social media users accusing her of insincerity, given that she's shown differing stances in different interviews. For instance, while claiming fear of the "Snow White" Disney ride in one interview, she's seen enjoying the same ride in another.

Some speculate her exaggerated reactions stem from her theatrical background, but the majority appear disenchanted by her seemingly mocking tone. One user remarked, "Disney has made PLENTY of movies with strong female lead characters... Why the hell are they changing Snow White. Woke and broke." Comparatively, Halle Bailey, who played Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, has been positively received. Despite certain fans' concerns over the character's reimagining, Bailey's genuine passion and respect for her role were apparent.

Many believe that portraying a revered Disney princess is a privilege and should be approached with gratitude. Her perceived sarcasm and seeming contempt for the character of Snow White has ignited debates on generational values, especially given the ongoing trend of reevaluating past classics through contemporary, annoyingly progressive lenses. After all the backlash, Zegler has finally decided to come forward and address the response.

Rachel Zegler Responds to "Snow White" Backlash and Says Her Comments Were Just "Taken out of Context"

It wasn't exactly an apology video. It was more of a video that attempts to make her out to be a victim. It's clear that Zegler's PR team has been on top of things and they want to paint her in an entirely different light. In the video, Zegler is wearing no makeup and her hair is pulled back. She's wearing a simple white shirt with small hoop earrings. She claims that everything she said about Snow White—including the bits about how the classic fairytale is dated because it focuses on a love story rather than Snow White becoming a "leader"—was just taken out of context.

"That's what my whole existence on the internet is, just me being taken out of context," she says. "It's fine, that's what I signed up for, isn't it?"

You can already hear it dripping off her tongue: she wants you to feel sorry for her. She adds that she never wanted to appear ungrateful. This has just been the biggest adjustment in her life, and it "comes with so much ground." She says some people think she's doing a great job with all this new attention, while others think she's doing poorly.

She says it's hard to "be inside my brain" and she can't get out of her own head. "I'm so grateful for the things that I'm able to do," she says, but she wishes that people would stop sending her death threats.

"This is a life, this is real, it's filled with a lot of beautiful moments and beautiful people," she adds, talking about her "loving family" and "incredible boyfriend." The video includes clips of her day-to-day life that make her seem like a normal person. It's so obvious that PR was all over this video.

"But it's hard, and it's lonely, it's very lonely," she concludes.

People are not buying it. All of a sudden, out of the blue, she is grateful for the opportunity and wants people to know how hard things have been for her.

"oh her team was STRATEGIC with this one!!" someone commented on TikTok.

"THE SWITCH UP IS CRAZYY," another said.

"the first clip was from a while ago, the PR team is really working overtime. 😭," another commented.

If we were to give her the benefit of the doubt, you could argue that she is very young (22 years old) and is just really learning how to handle the spotlight. But even so, there are millions of young women who would kill for the chance to play Snow White—and they wouldn't spend a single second complaining about the original story and acting arrogantly in front of the cameras. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who has made it clear that she hates the character of an iconic Disney princess she has been selected to portray.

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