Quiz: Which Wedding Dress Style Best Suits You, Based On Your Personality

Ready to walk down the aisle? Dreaming of your someday ceremony? Let’s figure out your perfect wedding dress!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
Pexels/Matej Simko

You’ve said yes to your dream guy (woohoo!), so now it’s time to say yes to your wedding dress. Take our quiz to see which wedding dress silhouette best suits you, so you can take this recommendation straight to your favorite bridal shop! 

You would describe your everyday style as: 

  1. Classic & Casual 

  2. Elegant & Neutral

  3. Feminine & Frilly 

  4. Vintage & Eclectic 

  5. Bohemian & Creative

It’s time to shop for a new wardrobe! Which store are you hitting first? 

  1. Abercrombie, duh! 

  2. Anthropologie. I could spend hours in this store! 

  3. LoveShackFancy! It’s pink! 

  4. Poshmark and the local thrift stores. Secondhand is better! 

  5. Free People, of course! 

Besides marrying the man of your dreams, which aspect of your wedding are you most excited about? 

  1. Seeing my friends and family! 

  2. Cocktail hour! 

  3. The vows! 

  4. The food! 

  5. The floral arrangements! 

Your invitations have been sent out and the RSVPs are rolling in. What is your venue vibe? 

  1. Classic chapel

  2. Elegant indoor venue

  3. Gorgeous garden 

  4. Beachside aisle 

  5. Rustic barn 

It’s movie night with your best girlfriends! What chick flick did you pick? 

  1. The Wedding Date

  2. The Proposal 

  3. Sweet Home Alabama

  4. 10 Things I Hate About You

  5. Mamma Mia! 

You want to start a new feminine hobby this season. Which one do you pick? 

  1. Reading. Let’s start with the classics!  

  2. Painting. Imagine the artwork on my walls! 

  3. Sewing. I want to add bows to everything I own! 

  4. Gardening. Hello, spring flowers from my backyard! 

  5. Outdoor yoga. Who said exercise couldn’t be fun? 

Dinner has been served and cleared away. What is your wedding dessert? 

  1. Ice cream truck 

  2. Three-tiered wedding cake

  3. Strawberry shortcake cupcakes

  4. Mini cheesecakes 

  5. Rose & lavender macarons 

You Got Mostly 1s: A-Line Silhouette 

Just like you, the A-line silhouette dress is the perfect balance of classic wedding vibes and subtle elegance, without some of the other frills and poofy fabrics. This dress style looks bridal with a simple skirt that will draw attention to your best features. Your love will be the center of attention at your wedding as you gracefully walk down the aisle to the acoustic version of your favorite pop song. 

This is the type of dress your daughter will want to wear on her wedding day, so the gorgeous fabric and timeless style will stay in your family for future generations to enjoy. Is there anything sweeter? 

You Got Mostly 2s: Mermaid Gown 

You are classy and elegant, with just the right amount of spice! Your personality lights up every room, and people remember you for your bright energy. You have a sweet disposition but aren’t afraid to speak your mind when necessary. Your wedding day will be glamorous and full of tradition, which will be a sweet memory for yourself and for everyone in attendance. With its elegance and form-fitting bodice, this mermaid silhouette matches your personality perfectly! 

Love your curves? Want to accentuate them on your wedding day? A mermaid silhouette will emphasize your hips and drive your man crazy as soon as he sees you! 

You Got Mostly 3s: Ball Gown

If you love all things girlie, you’ve probably been dreaming of a princess wedding since you were a young girl. The ball gown is an elegant and youthful way to express your love for romance – especially for your own fairytale wedding day! It’s sweet and flattering on all body types, as it cinches your waist and flares out with a full skirt to cover everything else. 

This dress pairs nicely with romantic accessories and magical decor (all of your favorite things, of course!). This gorgeous dress will swish around you on the dance floor and sparkle just as much as your wedding day smile! 

You Got Mostly 4s: Column/Sheath Dress

You are the friend everyone asks for fashion advice! You love vintage pieces and the adrenaline rush of finding the perfect item for your look. This vintage style gown is sure to turn heads on your wedding day, due to its romantic flowy fabric and creative styling. Just like you, the column wedding gown is memorable and chic, without submitting to popular trends. 

Another thing to love about a column dress is that it’s flattering on both short and tall women. The straight silhouette draws attention to the straight lines of the fabric, giving the desired effect on your height, regardless of which side of the spectrum you land on. 

You Got Mostly 5s: Fit & Flare Dress

You are adored by your friends and family and are known for your joyful spirit! Your wild and free attitude causes people to gravitate toward you. Your guests are expecting a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, unique food, and your bright smile as you commit to forever with your man! 

While the style of your dress is effortless, the intricate lace details are the highlight of your entire look. The fit & flare wedding dress offers a clean slate for your innate creativity and personal touches. This simple silhouette offers a ton of flexibility in terms of neckline, such as a sweetheart or halter top, that will match your desired look as you float down the aisle. 

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