Is Kate Middleton Stepping Away From Royal Duties?

Some sites claim that Kate Middleton is "permanently stepping away from royal duties" and that Prince William is reportedly "beside himself" over it. What's the truth?

By Nicole Dominique1 min read

According to a recent post from the Kensington Palace account on X, Kate Middleton is reported to have broken her silence. No one believes them, though, especially since the photograph that they posted of Middleton was allegedly altered from the original.

Middleton apologized for her Photoshop fails on X and stated that she's been working on her editing skills. The audience has two lingering questions about this: One, how do they know it's Middleton, and two, why don't they just upload the original image?

More theories were fueled, and conflicting information arose. Some reports state that Middleton is stepping away from her royal duties. Website International The News claims that Middleton is reportedly considering a "permanent life out of the spotlight" and informed the National Enquirer that she likes the idea of a "much-needed break from royal duties."

They added that "William is beside himself over her decision" and is "stunned his wife could ever consider such a move." This announcement remains unconfirmed, and it's important to note that the National Enquirer is a known gossip tabloid.

So far, it seems to be a rumor. A source told Us Weekly that Middleton is "extremely keen to get back to work. This has been one of the most challenging months for Kate as a royal, and she’s praying the fuss dies down as soon as possible.”

The outlet noted that she's focusing on recovery and “Her mother has been a huge help"—even acting as Kate's “personal chauffeur and has brought books and magazines for her to read during her convalescence.”

The problem is we don't know exactly when Middleton will be returning to her duties, but we would like to point out that when Middleton's planned surgery was initially announced, it was also announced that she would not return to public duties until after Easter – which is still over two weeks away.

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