Politics Aside, Melania Trump Is The Most Beautiful First Lady We’ve Ever Had. Here Are Her 10 Most Fashionable Looks

It’s called fashion. Look it up.

By Alex Clark2 min read
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It’s been decades since we had a First Lady who can truly be considered a fashion icon. Narrowing this list down to my favorite 10 looks was super hard because, honestly, she looks great in literally every outfit. Being married to a billionaire for almost two decades has definitely given her time to hone her style, and she hits the mark every time. 

America’s Next Top First Lady, hands down, goes to Melania Trump, and I’m going to break down her 10 best fashion moments thus far in a way that will smize you silly.


The media hated it, America loved it. A match made in heaven. The white dress shirt, aviators, and ball cap was such a doable look to recreate. It’s already begging to be my Halloween costume next year.

2. Out of Africa

I get hella Taylor Swift ‘Wildest Dreams’ vibes from this and a little bit NYFW Jumanji, which is just IT, SIS I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE YOU WANT ME TO SAY. Not only did she give one of my favorite interviews ever during this trip, she just looked freaking COOL.

3. Disney Princess Melania

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, this chick can DRESS. Conservative Princess Belle? I’m sold, baby.

4. Convention Perfection

At the 2016 Republican Convention, Melania stunned with showstopping statement sleeves. Not everyone can pull off the color white either, which she did beautifully.

5. Pretty in Pink

This may be my absolute favorite. Love an all pink moment, and I love when she wears her hair up in a chic bun.

6. LBD

The cape situation, the Loubs, and the French manicure scream “timeless.”

7. Paddington Pants

Not only is she rocking ADIDAS Superstars here, but she also looks like Paddington Bear if he grew up to be First Lady in the best way. That’s just too cute, I’m not sorry.

8. Rose Gold

Shades of pink, Dolce & Gabbana, and Melania traipsing around a museum in sky high heels is really out of this world. I need a moment.

9. Election Perfection

The jumpsuit that started it all on election night 2016.

10. Jackie O. Fosho

I think this will always be the Melania look that people remember the most, and it has to be because it looks like it was found in the archives of Jackie Onassis Kennedy’s wardrobe. The Tiffany shade of blue also screams Cinderella.

Closing Thoughts

I think we can all agree that Melania Trump is the fashion icon of our era.