Pfizer Releases Advertisements For New Covid Drug With Celebrities Pink, Michael Phelps, And Questlove

By Gina Florio
·  4 min read
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In a series of strange advertisements on social media, pharmaceutical company Pfizer teams up with several celebrities to promote the coronavirus vaccine and encourage everyone to get their shot, leaving many people wondering why there's a coordinated effort to push the shot on people after the pandemic is over.

Lines were drawn in the sand as soon as the coronavirus pandemic started in 2020. Many people were scared of the virus and insisted that their health was in danger if others weren't forced to wear a mask, social distance, and take an experimental shot that didn't go through any longterm testing. During the last few years, we've seen many of the mainstream coronavirus narratives debunked. The vaccine doesn't in fact stop the spread of the virus and it doesn't even stop people from contracting the virus, making all the mandates completely unnecessary. Thousands of people lost their jobs and their livelihood because they chose not to take the shot, and now research is vindicating their decision. But large pharmaceutical companies are still pushing the vaccine on the American public, insisting that we need the shot to stay healthy and keep others safe. Pfizer recently teamed up with a group of celebrities on social media to promote oral pharmaceuticals and encourage people to take a new oral treatment for Covid.

Pfizer Releases Advertisements for Covid Vaccine with Celebrities Including Pink, Michael Phelps, and Quest Love

On Thursday, singer-songwriter Pink shared a couple behind-the-scenes pictures of herself from a Pfizer photoshoot and wrote a message in the caption about having a higher risk of contracting Covid. "
I’ve had asthma my entire life. Did you know that puts me at high risk for severe #COVID19?" she wrote. "
Unfortunately, I was unaware of this the first time I got COVID-19 so it’s super important to me that everyone knows what risk factors may put them at high risk too. This is why I want to help people Know Plan Go when it comes to COVID-19."

Apparently, Pink's "Know Plan Go" includes knowing your risk for "severe COVID-19," planning what to do if you contract the virus, and asking your healthcare provider "about authorized oral treatment options if you are at high risk and test positive."

Along with a few other familiar faces, we’re making sure you know about these high-risk factors so you can take action if faced with COVID-19. To learn more, visit More from me soon ❤️" she concluded.

She also shared a video advertisement from Pfizer featuring an asthmatic athlete, elderly individuals, and immunocompromised people to showcase the "Know Plan Go" campaign. The comments were turned off on Pink's post. But she's not the only one who shared a Pfizer ad.

Olympic swimmer and elite athlete Michael Phelps also shared two photos of himself with the same "Know Plan Go" Pfizer ad, writing in the caption about his experience with depression.

"I’ve been working on something that I can finally share with you. It wasn’t until recently that I learned my struggle with depression puts me at high risk for severe #COVID19. Taking care of my health is so important to me – it makes me a better dad, husband, son and friend," he wrote. "That’s why I’m partnering with @PfizerInc to encourage people to know what risk factors could put them at high risk for getting very sick from COVID-19."

He also posted the same video advertisement from Pfizer. The comments are also turned off on this post. The same goes for musician and producer Questlove. He wrote about how being overweight has put him at a higher risk of contracting Covid, which is why he partnered with Pfizer to encourage high-risk people to get an authorized oral treatment if they test positive. As you may have guessed, the comments are also turned off for this post.

Many people online are mocking these ads and wondering how much they were paid for these uncomfortable photos. An0maly, rapper and political activist, shared the screenshots on his Twitter and pointed out that the comments were turned of "because they don't want to see the ratio of truth."

Many people commented with memes and various jokes about how these celebrities are nothing more than shills for Big Pharma. Some pointed out that they're not advertising for the vaccine anymore, perhaps pointing to the fact that Pfizer knows that too many people are skeptical of the shot after all the evidence has come out about its side effects and adverse reactions. Now the pharmaceutical company is pushing an oral treatment of sorts that is supposed to be taken when a high-risk person contracts coronavirus. There are few details on what this oral treatment is, but it's safe to say that people will be just as wary of that as they are of the vaccine.