Oprah "Didn't Leave Home For 322 Days" To Avoid Catching Covid And Says It's Too Soon To Lift The Mask Mandates On Airplanes

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It's been more than two years of the coronavirus pandemic already and everyone is over it – well, everyone except Oprah.

The talk show host and author sat down with the LA Times to discuss a documentary she executive produced called "The Color of Care." The film covers the racial disparities in the healthcare system that were supposedly exposed during the coronavirus pandemic. She discussed why she feels like people of color are given poor treatment, and she even went so far as to say that being a famous celebrity can result in you receiving poor care.

Oprah Says She Stayed Home for 322 Consecutive Days during the Pandemic

Oprah says she is "appalled" and "stunned" that the U.S. isn't doing something more commemorative of the people who lost their lives to coronavirus. She also shared that she was very cautious during the pandemic.

"I didn’t leave home for 322 days literally did not leave the house," she said. "So it has not been for me personally a heavy burden to bear."

Only a billionaire like Oprah could comfortably stay in their home for nearly one year straight and still insist that the country should stay shut down even longer for safety. She said she didn't really miss being around people because of what she does for a living. "I was in an audience of 350 people twice a day, so I’ve had shaking hands and autographs and selfies, and lots of attention, and exposure to being around a lot of people," she said.

Oprah then went on to say that being a celebrity "can also be a disadvantage" if you're looking for good healthcare.

"There was a point back in 2007 where my heart was racing for an entire year. I had heart palpitations for an entire year, and I went to five different doctors," she shared. "And every doctor just gave me a different medication. Nobody ever checked my blood until I went to the Cleveland Clinic, and they realized it wasn’t a heart problem. It was a thyroid problem that was causing the heart palpitations."

"So in that moment, the being a celebrity worked against me. I remember going back to one doctor who had actually given me an angiogram and I said, it wasn’t a heart problem, it was a thyroid problem," she continued. "And she said, 'What was I gonna do? You’re Oprah Winfrey, and I wasn’t going to have you die on me without having done everything I thought I could do.'"

Oprah Thinks It's Too Soon To Remove Mask Mandates from Planes

When pressed how she would grade the U.S.'s response to coronavirus, she says it's not her place to answer that. "What saddens me most is there hasn’t been an acknowledgment about what we’ve been through," she said. "So to grade us on how well we did or didn’t do, or what should have been done, actually, I don’t think at this point serves a purpose. I’m just trying to move forward."

But Oprah is very clear that she isn't happy with seeing people maskless on airplanes, no matter how much people are celebrating.

"I personally think it’s too soon to be removing masks from planes," she said. "And if I were on a commercial plane, I would be one of the people who would still be wearing my mask. And I would be one of the people still wearing my masks in an enclosed building with people who I didn’t know if they were or were not vaccinated."

Well, it's a good thing you have your own private jet, Oprah, as well as a private chef and a whole staff at your mansion who can bring you anything you want if you want to stay home for another year.

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