Olivia Culpo Shamed For Her Modest Wedding Dress—Critics Call Her A "Pick Me"

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo's stunning Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress drew harsh criticism from women online who labeled Culpo a "pick me" and called her choice to dress modestly "offensive" and "misogynistic."

By Carmen Schober2 min read

A woman named Kennedy Bingham who calls herself a stylist made waves on social media when she shared a video criticizing Olivia Culpo and her wedding dress in detail, with a caption that read "From Miss Universe to Miss Pick Me."

Bingham's complaints were mostly focused on Culpo's statements rather than the dress because Culpo said she took marriage "seriously" and didn't want to exude sex appeal while getting married in a church. Culpo stated in that same Vogue interview that her husband, San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, thinks she is most beautiful when she looks "timeless, elegant, and covered," which also triggered Bingham, who insisted it was "nefarious" and "weird."

Another one of her complaints was that Culpo worked with Dolce & Gabbana, who Bingham claims is racist and sexist. Bingham did spend some time criticizing the actual dress and concluded that it had "no personality."

Responses to Bingham's video were mixed, with some saying they agreed and others saying she was unnecessarily rude and making assumptions about Culpo.

Culpo's husband, Christian McCaffrey, also responded to the video.

"What an evil thing to post online," he commented. "I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does."

Bingham and fellow critics responded by continuing to insult Culpo, McCaffrey, and the designers.

"So what's evil is pointing out the potential internalized misogyny behind her reasoning, your (imo) patriarchal comment, and the racist/ homophobic/fatphobic history of the designers she worked with?" replied Bingham.

"Well said!" wrote one woman, agreeing with Bingham. "Totally overrated couple, football player and wedding! Nothing exciting here, so much build up for such a let down! Thank God its over. Now the clock starts to see how soon they announce their divorce lol."

However, other women argued that Bingham and her allies were in the wrong.

"I never comment on anything ever but this is seriously just so unnecessary and rude," wrote one woman. "The internet is wild."

"I'm sensing jealousy," wrote another. "It's an exquisite gown."

"The irony of this faux woke pseudo-feminist spending five minutes tearing apart a woman's fashion choices and wedding day preferences," added one commenter. "True gender equality will happen when a woman can marry in whatever she wants without half the internet commenting on it. Genuine empowerment means supporting personal choices, not tearing them down."

"This is just an example of some bitter, angry woman jumping at the chance to tear down a happily married beauty queen because she feels 'judged' despite Olivia probably having no clue who this lady is," concluded Brittany Martinez on X, who also addressed Bingham's criticism that Culpo doesn't always dress modestly. According to Bingham, that makes Culpo's choice to wear a traditional gown for her wedding ceremony "inauthentic."

“She doesn’t always dress modestly? And? This is her wedding in a church. This isn’t the Miss Universe swimsuit competition? I bet her husband isn’t mad to be married to a woman with an amazing body who respects him and their marriage. I’m sure her honeymoon lingerie was hot."

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