Now The Left Is Attacking Latin Americans In Florida For Voting Against Socialism

Hardly a day goes by in modern America without some “expert” on “racial identity” smugly letting us know just how bigoted we are compared to them because we’re inherently racist.

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
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The latest version of their sanctimonious tirade can be observed by Nikole Hannah Jones’s Twitter outburst about how some Latin Americans should be categorized as “white” if they lean conservative. 

The Denigration of Conservative Latin Americans by the Left

Yes, the Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah Jones of The New York Times would like you to believe that the Latina woman nodding and clapping for Trump in the background of his NBC Miami town hall was basically white. Normal people, like you and me, can see that the only thing about her that’s white is the super chic peplum top she wore. But to Nikole Hannah Jones, she’s basically a white supremacist. 

If you want to learn something, you learn from it in reality. You don't learn from it from theory. It’s perfectly clear that today’s “expert class” is truly out of touch with reality, and with the rest of us who live in the real world. They have all these ridiculous theories of how Latinos like Cubans vote conservative because, theoretically, Cubans are white. 

Why Latin Americans in Florida Love Trump

As someone who has lived in Florida for nearly a decade (and still do), I can safely tell you that nothing these “experts” on racial identity say bears any semblance to the reality of life for regular people, namely, the Latin Americans who voted for Trump in this election cycle. 

They voted for Trump for the simple reason that they hate the idea of America adopting socialism. 

They didn’t vote for Trump because of Trump’s “machismo” style of politics. They didn’t vote for Trump because of “internalized oppression.” And they certainly didn’t vote for Trump because they think of themselves as “white.” They voted for Trump for the simple reason that they hate the idea of America adopting socialism. 

Latin Americans in Florida Hate Socialism

"If Bernie gets the nomination, I'm voting for Trump. I don't even like Trump, but I hate Communism even more." I’m paraphrasing it, but this was something I’ve heard over and over again down here in South Florida, especially from Cubans. They’d tell me how their Cuban parents or grandparents didn’t risk drowning at sea to reach the shores of Miami only to see America turn into the very hellhole they’ve escaped from.

While Marxism is just a theory pushed by the “intellectual class” in America, in Cuba it’s the reality of everyday life. Hardship and poverty were part of that everyday life, and it’s almost a mockery of their escape when Americans flirt with the idea of Socialism. And most may not be aware of this, but the Cubans felt utterly betrayed when Obama, a Democrat President, ended the wet foot dry foot policy, a policy which allowed Cuban refugees who survived the harrowing journey at sea to seek asylum in America.

True Socialism Is Not What’s Observed by Tourists in Havana

Nikole Hannah Jones likes to say that she has travelled to Cuba and Brazil and all these other countries, and due to her enriching experiences, she can “educate” us on why Latinos have “internalized racial hierarchy based on whiteness” and voted based on that. 

To that I say, sorry, honey, but being a tourist isn’t the same as building friendships and working with the people from these countries who fled from the horrors of Marxist ideas. She doesn’t hear the stories of families only having access to electricity for just a few hours a day because the power system broke down under Socialism. Has she ever heard of the hardship of hauling heavy buckets of water up multiple flights of stairs because the water supply was shut off under Socialism? These are the realities of life under a Socialist state

Being a tourist isn’t the same as building friendships with the people who fled from these countries. 

So while the fortunate ones like Nikole Hannah Jones can simply flip on a switch for light and turn on the tap for water and take living in America for granted, the unfortunate ones who had to endure an existence under a Socialist state could only hope that life would be as comfortable as everyday living in America. It’s why before Obama shut the door to Cuban refugees, Cubans would risk their life at sea to reach the shores of America.

Latin American Culture Rejects Identity Politics

Believe it or not, many of the immigrants from Latin America don't view the issue of race like Americans do. Florida, especially South Florida, is home to a diverse group of multi-ethnic communities of Latin Americans. If you live among the Latin American community in Florida, you’ll quickly notice the diversity of skin tones, and yet, they’re united by their nationality, not their skin color.

While Americans might categorize people based on their skin color, Latin Americans don’t share the same segregation of people based on the amount of melanin in a person’s skin. A Columbian lady I met at a party once told me, and I’m paraphrasing it for clarity, “The color of your skin doesn’t matter, a Columbian can have skin as dark as ebony or skin as light as snow, but we’re all still Columbian.” They don’t view racial identity based on the color of their skin like Americans do. 

“A Columbian can have skin as dark as ebony or skin as light as snow, but we’re all still Columbian.” 

Her words fascinated me, and whenever I strike up a conversation with someone from Latin America living in South Florida, I’ll bring up the topic, and sure enough, they reaffirm what the Columbian lady told me. Just a few weeks ago, I asked the same question to a new friend I made from Brazil and was told the same answer. He even mentioned that, historically, Brazil had significantly more slaves than America ever did, but Brazilians aren’t hung up on the issue of slavery like Americans are today. 

Since we were close enough friends for me to pry deeper into the topic, I asked why race relations were different in Brazil than in America. Alas, he had no idea why, but said “Americans are just very ‘extra’, ya know?” And indeed, he might be right, for Americans are perhaps the most privileged people on earth, so they’ll have to make up grievances in order to make themselves feel important. 

Closing Thoughts

The fact is, the Left truthfully, simply doesn’t care about the welfare of Latin Americans. If they did, they’d be sympathetic to the suffering of those caught in the many Socialist-Communist regimes throughout Latin America. Instead, the voices of Latin Americans who managed to escape from Socialist hellholes are ignored, belittled, and condemned. Instead of listening to the desperate warnings of Latin American survivors about the horrors of Socialism, the Left denigrates them as stupid, bigoted, and inferior. And then they wonder why they’re losing the support of Latin Americans.