Nicole Kidman Eats A 4-Course Meal Of Bugs On Camera In An Attempt To Normalize Eating Insects

There's been a strange push lately to get people to eat more bugs. Bill Gates has talked about it many times on social media, and many news outlets have attempted to convince people that it's completely normal to munch on crickets.

By Gina Florio1 min read
Nicole Kidman

Celebrity and household name Nicole Kidman is the next in line in the attempt to normalize eating bugs. She sat down for a segment with Vanity Fair in which she was served a four-course meal of bugs, many of which were still alive. It was odd to say the least.

Nicole Kidman Eats a 4-Course Meal of Bugs

Nicole wants everyone to know her "hidden talent": eating bugs. "I'm Nicole Kidman and I'm going to eat a four-course meal of bugs," she said to the camera. She then calls all the bugs in front of her "micro-livestock."

She starts with little blue hornworms that are still alive and writhing around. The camera shows a whole bowl of them, but she only picks one up with chopsticks and places it in her mouth. She may be an award-winning actress, but we're not exactly convinced that she's enjoying it.

"Just a little sidenote: 2 billion people in the world eat bugs and I'm one of them," Nicole said. As she's munching on one of the insects, she added, "I'm telling you, I'd win 'Survivor.'"

She says the mealworms have a "fruity" taste to them. Next up is a big bowl of grasshoppers, which she says are "like nothing you've ever tasted." More specifically, she says they taste like a "hairy nut," laughing and clarifying that she means the nut that comes from a shell.

With every plate that's placed in front of her, she only takes a small bite at a time, and it almost seems like she's holding back a grimace. As the audience, it's hard not to feel slightly nauseous when she uncovers a new dish of bugs.

"Thanks for spending so much time with me and watching me eat bugs," she concludes. While it's hard not to love Nicole's acting, it's even harder to believe that she enjoyed that four-course meal of insects.