Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need Saving From A "Racist Marriage"

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner
·  3 min read
Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need The Woke Mob To Save Her From Racism

The “antiracist” mobs are once again changing the rules. It’s difficult to keep up with what social sins ordinary law-abiding citizens are committing by their standards, but this week paints quite a hypocritical picture.

Comedian and actor Bill Burr hosted the Grammys over the weekend. Few people tuned into the outdated awards show, for various reasons, but he “offended” a handful of viewers. Instead of taking to Twitter and decrying him (for the usual white-male offenses), those angered decided to attack his wife and their relationship. 

Interracial Marriage Is Now “Racist?”

Apparently, it’s now okay to attack an interracial couple with an adorably diverse family. The angry internet mob decried interracial marriage as modern-day sex-slavery and compared his wife, Nia Renée Hill, to a sex-servant.

This inexcusable reaction erupted online, and is continuing this week, thanks to herd mentality and a crusade to destroy everything that doesn’t “properly” fit the narrow expectations of a constantly changing group of bored Marxists. Forget the melting pot ideals that this country stands on. Now, it’s not only racist to NOT date or marry someone of another race, it IS racist to date or marry someone from another race. It’s so confusing, and it’s difficult to keep up in the culture wars.

Hill’s Response

The incited internet mob couldn’t call Burr a “racist” for having light skin, because of his wife’s heritage, so they took to demeaning her and her relationship. Bravo for equality?

Thankfully, Nia Renée Hill isn’t afraid to speak out or push back. Instead of pitying her for becoming yet another innocent bystander of identity politics, women everywhere should envy her for standing up for herself and telling these misled social justice warriors to “Shut the f*** up.”

The Real Issue

The term “racism” has been tossed around like ingredients in a salad. It’s pressed on issues and people who hold little to no bias against others, to the point that the word has lost its meaning.

At one time, when people spoke about racism, it actually pointed out clear injustices that needed to be squashed. Lately though, decrying false racism has become a badge for the woke. Now, it’s nothing more than a term abused for the attention-starved to gain momentary fame and feel as if they’re making history by doing something that’s already been done.

Meanwhile, women like Nia Renée Hill are caught in the crosshairs. Thankfully, she doesn’t need these people to stand up for her or try to virtuously save her from her own marriage.

Closing Thoughts

Hill knows who she is, what she wants, and who she loves. There’s no movement more powerful than that. Hopefully, her young daughter isn’t subjected to any of this nonsense, and Burr will use this experience to write even more “offensive” material to give the truly non-racists something to laugh at, while the woke mobs continue to show their true colors by decrying interracial marriages and continuing to attack people based on their race, gender, religion, and pizza topping preference. 

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