New York Times Published An Op-Ed Proposing We "Give Up God" During The Holiest Weekend Of The Year

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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New York Times Op ed give up god

We just ended one of the holiest weekends of the year, which included Easter Sunday and Passover. Millions of Americans around the country celebrated their respective holidays with loved ones.

Naturally, The New York Times had to chime in with an anti-God opinion piece, perfectly timed with a couple major religious holidays that most people in the U.S. participate in. The writer claims that "killing gods" is something he would be interested in.

The New York Times Published a Story about Giving Up God

The article is titled "In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God," and it's written by Shalom Auslander, who has been wrestling with his Jewish faith for a long time. "In this time of war and violence, of oppression and suffering," he proposes that we get rid of God. It sounds like a joke initially, but we assure you he is very serious indeed.

"God, it seems, paints with a wide brush. He paints with a roller," he wrote. "In Egypt, said our rabbi, he even killed first-born cattle. He killed cows. If he were mortal, the God of Jews, Christians and Muslims would be dragged to The Hague. And yet we praise him. We emulate him. We implore our children to be like him."

Auslander was "raised strictly Orthodox" and recalled welcoming in poor and hungry Jews who couldn't afford to have a Seder meal. Yet somehow this brings him to the point of his essay: "Killing gods is an idea I can get behind."

This essay is insensitive at best, but it's not all surprising that it would come from The New York Times, which has been notoriously left-wing for years. The fact that they would have the audacity to publish this during some of the calendar's holiest of days shows how little respect they have for people's religions and their practices.

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