No More Hangovers: What To Do Before, During, And After You Drink!

Don't let your night of fun be followed by a morning of misery.

By Lexi Atkins2 min read
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We all know what a hangover is, but I’m sure not all of us know what to do to avoid them. Here are some things you can do before you drink, while you drink, and after the party to avoid the negative side effects!

Before You Drink

Vitamin C:

Before drinking, load up on your vitamin C. This will help block the conversion of alcohol into aldehyde. It’s also a plus if you can take a vitamin C that uses a liposomal delivery system so that your body can properly assimilate the vitamin C! Here's a great option.

B Vitamins:

It’s important to load up on our essential vitamins before we consume any alcohol. Having a multivitamin will ensure that we are not depleted. B1, also known as thiamine, is also an essential B vitamin you want to make sure you have enough of before consuming any alcohol. If you want an easy-to-use packet to mix with water, here's a great option.

Foods high in Thiamine (B1):

  • Nuts (macadamia)

  • Seeds (sunflower)

  • Seaweed (spirulina)

  • Legumes (black beans)


Before drinking, make sure you're not depleted to begin with!

Great options:

Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

There's a difference in the types of alcohol you choose to consume. Not only where they're sourced from, but what they consist of. If we choose wisely, our chances of getting a hangover will significantly decrease.

The Top 3 Drinks:

  • Vodka. One of the best choices, especially if you’re consuming a grain free brand. It's also best not to mix it with any sugary liquids!

  • Gin. Go for that dry martini and garnish with olives!

  • Tequila. Tequila has a fermentation process that removes a lot of the sugar before it's distilled and filtered, which in return makes it very easy on the body to process through your kidneys and liver.

Top 3 Poisons To Pass On:

  • Colored Sweetened Spirits. Colored sweetened spirits are full of everything you don’t want: too much sugar, artificial colorings, and a whole list of additives that make the end result anything but desirable. It may look pretty before, but afterward, you’ll regret it.

  • Red Wine. Red wine is very high in toxins. It may seem like the healthiest choice, but it really belongs on the list of "quite the opposite." It's high in yeast and is also unfiltered, which can leave your body to do a lot of the work to filter it through your system. If you’re looking for more resveratrol (which is usually the “beneficial” aspect of wine), you should stick to dark chocolate instead.

  • Beer and Lager. Beer and Lager contain high amounts of gluten, mold, and toxins. Stay clear and stick with the vodka, ladies!

After the Party!


Your body’s master antioxidant. Help your liver out and double up on your glutathione. Here's a great option.


After a night out reload up on your minerals!

Great options (same as above):

Charcoal Supplement:

Mop up the mess! Right after you drink take a charcoal supplement. Charcoal will help soak up the toxins that come along with your drinks of choice, which can help remedy any future symptoms.

Great options:

The Morning After

  • Hydrate!

  • Ginger/Lemon Tea. Add manuka honey or stevia to sweeten.

  • Bone Broth. Here's a great option.

  • Green Juice. Great option: Cucumber, celery, dandelion, green apple.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to stay healthy while having fun is to be smart about your choices. Drink responsibly (so you can remember the good times!), and follow these steps so that your night of fun isn't followed by a morning of misery. Cheers!