Nearly 2,800 Victims Are Launching Almost 400 Lawsuits Against Travis Scott And Live Nation

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Justice has yet to be served when it comes to the Astroworld disaster on November 5, 2021. Travis Scott and Live Nation are now facing a humongous case that has grown exponentially over the last couple months.

In a tragic turn of events, the chaos that ensued at Astroworld in Houston, TX resulted in 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The youngest person who died that day was only 9 years old. Thousands of victims are demanding justice.

Hundreds of Lawsuits Have Been Filed

This case against Travis and Live Nation has gathered 387 individually filed lawsuits from roughly 2,800 individuals, and a Texas court panel has allowed them to be compiled into one large case. "We conclude that the cases arising out of [Astroworld] are related, and we find that transfer of those cases would result in more efficient pretrial of the related cases,” according to the legal documents obtained by Billboard.

That means this case is now being typed as a multidistrict litigation (MDL) and a single judge will be assigned to it. If they negotiate a settlement, it will be a single settlement that is distributed to all of the individual cases. Travis and Live Nation are being accused of negligence in the execution of Astroworld, and victims are seeking billions of dollars in damages.

Travis Scott Doesn't Feel Like the Tragedy Was His Responsibility

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God in December 2021, Travis talked about the weight on his shoulders after Astroworld ended. "I'm the face of the festival, I'm the artist," he said. "They want to put it on me."

Although he identifies a responsibility to "figure out what happened here," 30-year-old Travis doesn't feel like the tragedy was his fault. In fact, he feels like the media and onlookers were "forcing responsibility" on him.

"Hopefully this takes a first step into us as artists having more insight of what's going on and the professionals to surround and figure out more of an intel," he continued. "Whatever the problem is, to figure out that, and then in the future and moving forward and concert safety, make sure this never happens again."

Our hearts go out to the loved ones of the innocent victims who lost their lives that day. We hope they find justice through this difficult process.

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