Monogamous Marriage Isn’t A Product Of The Patriarchy, It’s A Guard Against It

Many people who have bought into the feminist notions about matrimony like to argue against marriage by saying that it’s “just a piece of paper.”

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
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But if you were to follow that line of logic, then the American Constitution is also “just a piece of paper.” The truth, however, is that marriage (like the American Constitution) is a powerful institution enacted to protect our rights as women. Despite what we’re told by feminist propaganda, marriage isn’t a form of oppression by the patriarchy. Rather, marriage is a stalwart triumph for womankind.

The Myth of Marriage Oppression

Feminist theory argues that marriage forces the woman into a subservient role to her husband. This is a myth. The fact is, monogamous marriage protects women from being treated as sex objects. In the sexual marketplace, men’s interest normally gravitates towards short-term sexual relationships, whereas women tend to gravitate towards long-term partnerships

This should not come as a surprise. Due to the biological reality of how humans are built, when it comes to sex, the stakes are higher for women than they are for men. The saying “nine minutes for him could mean nine months for her” comes to mind. With the institution of monogamous marriage, a man is legally bound to provide for his one wife and their biological children. Are we really supposed to believe that this is a form of patriarchal oppression? 

Monogamous marriage protects women from being treated as sex objects.

To help you think about this, imagine how different the life of Fantine (from Les Miserables) would have been had she been married to Cosette’s father. The good-for-nothing cad would have been held responsible for ensuring the well-being of his daughter Cosette, saving Fantine from her downfall into prostitution, illness, and death. 

Marriage Strongly Benefits Women

Monogamous marriage not only preserves the well-being of children, but it also strongly protects female dignity. Societies that don’t have a culture of strong monogamous marriage have several deep-seated issues. In my previous article against polygamy, I cite one of the largest studies on polygamy that shows how in a society where there’s a large portion of men who don’t get to be paired up in marriage, you’ll end up with higher rates of violence, suicide, and social unrest as a result. 

A society with a large portion of unmarried men will end up with higher rates of violence and social unrest.

Monogamous marriage significantly reduces the major social problems of polygamist cultures. As the study stated, “In cultures that permit men to take multiple wives, the intra-sexual competition that occurs causes greater levels of crime, violence, poverty, and gender inequality than in societies that institutionalize and practice monogamous marriage.”

Society Crumbles without a Strong Culture of Monogamous Marriage

To give you an idea, we can see this playing out in the Middle East where polygamy is legal and common. Not only does a polygamous society lead to the subjugation of women, but it also throws off marriage rates for a large portion of single males, which, in turn, leads to a litany of social ills. Hordes of young men who don’t see a future for themselves (as they won’t be able to find wives to form a family of their own) will be seduced by radical ideas to join groups like ISIS where they’re promised access to conquered enemy women who’ll act as sex slaves. 

We can also observe a version of this problem here in the West today brought on by hookup culture/casual sex promoted by the feminist “sexual liberation” movement for women. In practice, because women decide who their sexual partners will be, only the very few good-looking men will gain access to multiple sexual partners, while a whole cohort of men who aren’t as sexually attractive will have problems finding a sexual partner. 

These rejected men join weird and self-destructive movements like the MGTOWs and the incels.

These dejected and bitter men often then turn to weird and self-destructive movements like the MGTOWs and the incels, just like their fellow males in the Middle East who went on to join ISIS. Women are consequently de-valued because they’re treated as mere members of a harem rather than lifelong partners in a marriage. Again, you can thank feminism for the growth of these anti-women subcultures.

Closing Thoughts

While the feminist movement has empowered women to act with "sexual freedom", the flipside of that coin is how they have also empowered men to act like philanderers. With the goal of marriage is now on the backburner, men can primarily look at the women they’re interested in not as the potential love of his life and the mother of his children, but rather if she is willing to sleep with him. 

And the harsh reality is, as I’ve touched on in my other articles about promiscuity and prostitution, when sex becomes cheap, women become replaceable to men. A wife, on the other hand, is not interchangeable to her husband, which is why she is called “his significant other.” And to attain a man’s fidelity, whereby a woman becomes a significant part of a man's life, she attains this power mostly through marriage.