Model Haley Kalil Explains Why She Removed Her Breast Implants And Did A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Instead: "Recovery Is Absolutely Brutal"

Plastic surgery is all too common in the world of Hollywood's, and model Haley Kalil is getting candid about the measures she took to create perfect, symmetrical breasts. She originally got breast implants, but later removed them because of health issues and chose a fat transfer breast augmentation instead.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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While some celebrities obviously aren't truthful about the plastic surgeries they get to look more beautiful (looking at you, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian), there are some who are entirely candid about the work they've had done. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Haley Kalil got real with her 2.2 million followers on TikTok, explaining why she chose to remove her breast implants and opt for something else. But the process wasn't exactly easy.

Model Haley Kalil Explains Why She Removed Her Breast Implants and Did a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Instead

In two different videos, Haley told her followers about the work she has had done on her breasts. "At the end of the day, what I do with my body shouldn't bother you," she said, praising the fact that women are becoming more and more honest lately about the plastic surgery they've had done. She has always been a small-chested woman who grew up with uneven breasts.

"One of my girls decided to grow while the other one just didn't want to," she recalled. "Everyone made fun of me."

She decided to get a breast enhancement surgery shortly after she graduated high school. After speaking to a number of different surgeons, she finally settled on a doctor she felt comfortable with and went through with the surgery.

"I went with a small C cup. Because I'm so small, they looked freaking massive," she said as she put makeup on her face. "I loved them so much for a little while until they started to cause problems."

When she was in her early 20s, around 22 or 23, Haley started experiencing shooting nerve pain radiating down both of her arms. She tried her best to just live with it because she really loved the way her breasts looked, but soon realized it simply wasn't worth the pain and suffering. She started going to many different specialists and made a game plan for surgeries that would not only remove the implants, but also complete a fat transfer breast augmentation.

A fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to harvest fat cells from various different areas of the body, such as the belly, back, hips, arms or thighs. Not only do these areas of the body end up looking slimmer, but the retrieved fat cells are injected into the breasts, where they remain for the rest of your life. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the fat transfer procedure has fewer risks than the traditional breast implants, such as no increased likelihood for breast cancer. But the process enlarges the breasts without firming them up, so if a woman wants to firm up her breasts, she will have to get a breast lift or implants.

Haley "went with someone who reconstructed the breasts of women with breast cancer" because she figured if the doctor could help restore women who've had their breasts completely removed, they could help her with a successful fat transfer.

Haley had to go through two different surgeries. The first was to remove the original implants that were causing pain and discomfort as well as take out leftover scar tissue, and the second surgery was to "rebuild my girls." This was the fat transfer that would enlarge her breasts. Of course, a fat transfer could only be done by taking fat off another part of her body, but Haley is "a pretty small person" so she didn't "really have excess fat to take from." She had to make a few changes in her body to make the fat transfer successful.

"I had to gain over 25 pounds," she said. This allowed the surgeon to take fat from both of her arms and her inner thighs.

"Yes, it's really weird thinking that my girls are made up of my arm and leg fat," she laughed. Haley also praised her surgeon for listening to her desires. She sent him multiple photos of her ideal breasts, so when she walked into the surgery room, all her "dream girls" were hanging up on the wall as inspiration.

But the process was anything but easy. "It hurts so much more than a normal boob job" because they have to go under all of the fibers of your skin and retrieve enough fat—"and that freaking hurts!" For four weeks straight, Haley had to wear a compression garment on both arms and legs and get special massages to make sure her arms and legs didn't swell with fluid.

"Recovery is absolutely brutal," she admitted, but she would do it over 100 times because she got the results she wanted.

"I am so happy now because I have implant-free girlies that sit the way I want that match in size and I'm grateful for that," she concluded.

The comments are overwhelmingly positive and in support of Haley, praising her for being so honest with her followers. "It’s so good women can talk abt these things with honesty [sic]," a user said. Haley responded to some of the comments and said she hopes that her story helps other women on their own journey. She also said that the fat transfer breast augmentation has done well in the long run, even if she gains or loses some weight.

"They have lasted wonderfully. My weight fluctuates like 5lbs and they act like normal girlies," she explained. "They shrink when I lose weight and grow when I gain!"