Model Emily Ratajkowski Questions Big Tech Censoring Trump And What That Means For The Future

By Paula Gallagher··  1 min read
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Emily Ratajkowski Questions Facebook Censoring Trump

Following Trump being banned from several social media platforms, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski is raising her concerns about big tech censorship.

In a series of tweets, Emily Ratajkowski questioned how safe any social media user is, particularly on Facebook, if CEO Mark Zuckerberg could indefinitely suspend Trump’s access to his account. 

She acknowledged that not everyone will agree with her, tweeting:

She then suggested the possibility that the protestors who swarmed the Capitol and disrupted the certification of the electoral votes were a planned catalyst for big tech to act with unprecedented censorship.

Ratajkowski is worried that if big tech companies can silence the President, then they can silence political activists too.

Ratajkowski’s questions add to the discussion on the role of censorship, the legal reach of social media companies, and the right to free speech.

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