Miranda Lambert's Fans Come To Her Defense On TikTok After Trolls Attack Her Looks

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The internet can be a cruel place where strangers will harshly judge a celebrity or influencer by the way they look. Country singer Miranda Lambert is the latest to be attacked online for her figure—but her fans are coming to her defense.

Miranda Lambert, 38, divorced from her first husband Blake Shelton in 2015. Four years later, she remarried Brendan McLoughlin after two months of dating. She has continued her successful country music career along the way, and a popular video on TikTok showed her on stage singing one of her hits "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)." It sparked a heated discussion about her weight and her breakup with Blake.

Miranda Lambert's Fans Come to Her Defense on TikTok After Trolls Attack Her Looks

In the TikTok shared by @livingthegoodlife24, Miranda is wearing jean shorts, a graphic tee, and red cowboy boots. There were several trolls who commented rudely about her weight and even called her "Miranda HAMbert." Other comments included "krispy kreme tour," "beautiful voice yeah, but DAAANG she Blew up!" and "I think Blake knew that was coming."

Some trolls said Blake dodged a bullet because of her weight gain after they broke up, subtly comparing her to Blake's current wife Gwen Stefani. "Blake sure did better 😂," one user said. Someone asked if she ate Blake and another person suggested she go to the gym and eat healthier.

Miranda's loyal fans came to her defense in the comment section and shut down the insults. They praised her talent, her heart, and the fact that she landed a beautiful, loving husband.

"Only BOYS commenting on her weight that aren't even in her laugh," one user replied. "I mean…have you seen her man?! She's beautiful."

"That is a fine fine woman right there," one man commented.

"I like how it’s only men commenting about her weight. She looks amazing," another fan said.

Miranda has expressed before that she is unfazed by cruel criticism. "I just don't give two s---s about people's opinion of me, my marriage, my music or anything else. I just care that I'm being me," she said in a People interview last year. "It's nice to have a partner in that, someone by your side that supports you, loves you and believes in you. He loves me for me. It's a really cool thing to have in my life, at this point in my life."

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