Miranda Kerr Shares Details About Co-Parenting With Ex Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry: "I Feel Really Happy About It"

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Many celebrities have been open about their co-parenting situation in which they continue to raise children even though they're no longer together. Model Miranda Kerr is getting candid about her family life and how she continues to raise her son with Orlando Bloom even though they're both in a relationship with other people.

Miranda, 39, met her husband Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc (Snapchat's parent company), in 2014, and they've been inseparable ever since. They have two sons together, Myles and Hart, but she also has a son named Flynn from her previous marriage to Orlando Bloom. In her interview with Vogue Australia, Miranda opens up about the co-parenting situation she finds herself a part of.

Miranda Kerr Shares Details about Co-Parenting with Ex Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Orlando and Miranda split up in 2013, and they both insisted that there was no bad blood between them. However, Miranda says she was really struggling after their breakup and was "going through quite a challenging stage" when she "didn't really believe in love anymore." Even though she was feeling "a little bit overwhelmed," she knew that she and Orlando would have to do everything in their power to continue raising Flynn.

Orlando has been with Katy Perry since 2016, save for a hiccup in 2017 when they split up briefly. They have a daughter together and are currently living in Kentucky while he films a movie just outside Louisville. Miranda says she has arranged a co-parenting situation with the couple since she and Orlando still share a son together.

“Co-parenting with Orlando and Katy is something that I feel really happy about,” Miranda said. “From day one when Orlando and I decided to separate, I said, ‘Listen, whatever we do, we have to put Flynn’s needs first, not our own.’ That’s the way we make our decisions. Family is my number-one priority."

She and Evan live mostly in Los Angeles, but they go back and forth to Australia, where Miranda grew up. Sometimes when they travel to Australia, they'll leave Flynn with Orlando and Katy so they can have some quality time together.

“I just love being a mother and I always wanted three boys, so I feel really blessed that I have three healthy boys," Miranda said. She also gushed about her marriage to Evan, saying it's "incredible to have a partner who wants to grow with you in the same direction."

When asked if they would have any more children, Miranda said she's definitely open to it but she's leaving it up to God.

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