Milk Tea Hair Is The Perfect Transition Shade For Late Summer Into Fall

Steep yourself in the latest hair trend that's all set to pour some cozy fall vibes into your style.

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It's time to say goodbye to sun-kissed summer strands and hello to milk tea hair – the ultimate fall accessory for your tresses. Think frothy blends of chai lattes and creamy cups of Earl Grey mixed with a dash of a moody color palette, all simmered into a delectably neutral hair color that complements all skin tones.

A delicious way to spice up your look as we transition into the cozier, crisper fall days ahead, here's everything you need to know about the latest hair trend!

What Is Milk Tea Hair?

Originating from the Asian beauty scene, milk tea hair is the perfect fall hair trend that can be described as a beautiful neutral beige that's not too warm nor too cool and walks the line between light brown and dark blonde.

It can easily be achieved by manipulating various shades of brown and blonde, resulting in a subtle and unique shade that will complement your skin tone and give you that perfect transition from summer to fall.

Suitable for fine and thick hair types, milk tea hair often has different hues depending on the kind of light you're in and the style your hair is cut into, making it incredibly versatile and fully customizable.

How To Achieve Milk Tea Hair

Milk tea hair definitely requires a professional job, as bleaching is often involved in making the colors appear vivid, especially if your hair is dark. This is why regularly treating your hair with nourishing masks and serums is advised to avoid dry and brassy strands that will cheapen the look and make it appear flat and muddy.

As for what to bring to your hair appointment, some visual references or a good explanation of what you're looking for is always helpful.

"When asking your colorist for this look, you want to stress that you're looking for a color melt that starts more warm-toned at the root but transitions to ash on the ends," says Florida colorist Olivia Smalley.

On the other hand, if your hair is lighter, a professional colorist will likely be able to give you the look you want without bleaching and by using semi- or demi-permanent colors and toners. This will minimize damage; however, caring for your hair is still very important, as color-treated hair always requires special attention and nourishment, no matter how gentle the process is.

As for maintaining milk tea hair, stylists suggest making your way to the salon at least every four to six weeks for fast-process toner, an appointment that shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to an hour and will bring back the shade, shine, and vibrancy of your hair. Additionally, re-lightening your hair every four to six months is also recommended, especially if your unique twist on milk tea hair includes color-treated roots.

Tips for Maintaining Your Milk Tea Hair at Home

While one of the biggest challenges of maintaining color-treated hair is preserving its vibrancy, there are some things that you can do to slow down the fading. Besides regular trims, touch-ups, and re-lightening treatments, here are a few useful tips for maintaining milk tea hair at home:

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are known for their gentler cleansing properties compared to regular shampoos. Specifically designed to preserve natural oils on the scalp and hair, sulfate-free shampoos will help maintain the moisture balance and keep your hair hydrated, bouncy, and healthy.

Additionally, sulfate-free shampoos can help preserve color-treated hair for longer because they don't contain harsh chemicals that interact with the color treatment and wash it out too quickly.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments are essential for maintaining that glossy, bouncy look of milk tea hair. This is because deep conditioning treatments will close the follicles after a wash, preserving the color treatment and locking the color in for a longer period while keeping your strands hydrated and silky-soft.

Color-Safe Hair Products for Bleached Strands

If achieving milk tea hair required bleaching, then using color-safe hair products is a must. These products are specifically made with components that don't interact with the color treatment, thus slowing down the fading process and keeping your hair looking fresh and vibrant for longer. On top of that, color-safe hair products are also rich in vitamins and minerals that will nourish your strands from within and give them an extra dose of shine.

Heat Protection

Heat protection is essential in everyone's haircare routine, but it’s especially important for color-treated hair. Using a thermal protectant before styling your hair with curling or flat irons can help minimize the wear and tear of the color treatment and prevent bleached hair from becoming yellow and stained while also protecting your strands from excess heat damage and the dryness, brassiness, and breakage that comes with it. Besides that, most heat protectants also contain softening and nourishing ingredients that boost your hair's hydration and keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

Therefore, applying heat protection to your milk tea hair before styling it will prolong its original color and keep it looking glossy and vibrant while also saving you some re-lightening sessions in the long run.

The 10 Best Maintenance Products for Milk Tea Hair

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Here are some of the best products to keep your milk tea hair fresh and nourished until your next appointment: