Midwife Student Slams The Use Of Terms Like "Birthing People" And Shares A Birth Story That Shows The Power Of Women

A midwife on TikTok responds to the increasing effort to introduce words like "birthing person" and "chest feeding" to the greater public.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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In 2021, Congresswoman Cori Bush used the term "birthing people" at a hearing to refer to individuals who give birth to children—in other words, mothers. She said "birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain." The clip went viral on social media, and many were outraged about the language used to refer to women. Pro-abortion organization NARAL tweeted in support of the term and claimed it was merely a way to be inclusive. "We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it's not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for *every* body," they said.

The use of "birthing people" or even "pregnant people" has become more popular as the transgender movement picks up speed around the country. LGBT activists demand that these types of phrases are used more often in order to honor the plight of trans individuals and the supposed discrimination they face on a daily basis. Louise Melling, the deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, told The Atlantic that we should be shifting our language around gender and pregnancy in order to be more inclusive.

"First of all, if we’re talking about 'pregnant people,' that language says to people—to transgender men and to nonbinary people—'we see you.' It should do a fair amount of work to help address discrimination," she said. "If we talk about 'pregnant people,' it’s a reminder to all of us to catch ourselves when we’re sitting in the waiting room at the GYN that we’re not going to stare at the man who’s there. We’re not going to be disconcerted."

"More importantly, we’re not going to behave in a way that makes that person uncomfortable—that signals discrimination and unwelcomeness to them. And that’s incredibly important when we think about the kinds of discrimination that continue to be pervasive against transgender people and nonbinary people."

There has been much pushback in response to this push for "gender-neutral" terms. A TikToker chimes in with her perspective on this language, particularly from the perspective of a midwife.

Midwife Student Slams the Use of Terms Like "Birthing People" and Shares a Birth Story That Shows the Power of Women

A doula and midwife highlights how absurd terms like "birthing person," "chest feeding," and "pregnant person" are, rather than using proper words that we have used for all of human history. "You know what I do for a living? I assist women in labor," she said. "And the things that they are doing is uniquely feminine."

She's sitting in her car after just getting done with assisting a birth. "The woman was in labor for four days, and she was pushing for over an hour. She nearly lost her mind and was emotionally broken down by the end of this, but she delivered her baby. It was placed on her chest. There were tears in both her and her husband's eyes, and the husband leans in close, and he whispers, 'What a woman,'" she recalls. "It was a beautiful moment, and you know what would've ruined it? 'What a birthing person.'"

She vehemently opposes the campaign to "diminish the battle that women have had to fight to be recognized as bada**es" and deny what our bodies are biologically created to do. "Don't even get me started on 'chest feeding,'" she concludes.

The comments are largely in favor of her argument. "Birthing person is so dehumanizing. Feels like we're in a dystopian world like handmaids tale," someone commented.

"Birthing person just adds a whole new level of disrespect," someone else said.

"I delivered 3 kiddos naturally, with no medication! I didn't go through that to be called a birthing person!" someone else said.

There are hundreds more women who chimed in to agree that their experience in pregnancy and motherhood is unique to women and women alone. It doesn't make you any less of a woman if you haven't been pregnant or given birth, but it's absurd that we have arrived at the point where women are being reduced to ridiculous terms like "birthing people" just to appease a small percentage of people who are propped up by the progressive intersectional agenda. Surely there are millions of other women in our society who would also agree that these terms are dehumanizing and simply inaccurate. It's also worth noting that these terms are only applied to women. We have yet to see terms like "prostate holder" or "person with a penis" applied to men. It makes you wonder why there is a coordinated effort to erase everything that makes women unique and set apart from men.