Merriam-Webster Changed The Definitions Of The Words "Female" And "Girl"

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Many people predicted the day would come when the dictionary changed the official definition of two basic words in our vocabulary that had been undisputed for centuries and centuries: female and girl.

The trans movement has grown and become much more mainstream over the last several years. Figures such as Bruce Jenner, William Thomas, and Laverne Cox have been at the forefront of culture, ensuring that trans is here to stay in the national conversation. Entertainment and media have also brought trans issues into movies and TV shows while celebrities declare their allegiance to the trans movement. The Right has responded with their own content, such as Matt Walsh's documentary "What Is a Woman?"

Recently, all this discussion about trans issues has raised the simple question of what it means to be a woman or female. Many people on the Right who are critical of the trans agenda point to the dictionary to point out what it means to be a woman or female. However, that definition has just changed.

Merriam-Webster Changed the Definitions of the Words "Female" and "Girl"

In 2012, the definition of "female" in the Merriam-Webster dictionary was "of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs; composed of members of the female sex; characteristic of girls or women; having some quality associated with the female sex; designed with a hollow or groove into which a corresponding male part fits."

Up until recently, Merriam-Webster defined "girl" as "a female child from birth to adulthood; daughter; a young woman; a single or married woman of any age; sweetheart."

As of today, people are noticing that both of these definitions have been changed. Merriam-Webster added one more clause to the definition of "female": "having a gender identity that is the opposite of male." It has also added a clause to the definition of "girl": "a person whose gender identity is female."

Many people are pointing out the circular definitions that are now present in the dictionary. For example, "girl" can now mean anyone whose gender identity is female, but the word "female" means the opposite of male. Many are pointing out that the "opposite of male" doesn't mean much of anything.

Most people on the Right point out that this day was always coming. The Left has been on a relentless journey to redefine basic words in the English language, including and especially "woman." Many Twitter users were critical of the change of definition.

When the official dictionary changes the definition of certain words that were once agreed upon by all of society, it naturally makes people feel uncomfortable about what words they'll change the definition of in the future.

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