Men Are Apparently Buying More Skirts Than Ever Before

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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For as long as we can remember, men wore pants and women wore skirts. But now that mainstream society is pushing a more genderless view on our culture, things aren't quite so simple anymore.

As trans visibility increases and the push for a genderless society rises, we have seen more and more celebrities who are interested in gender-bending fashion. Harry Styles' famous Vogue magazine cover in December 2020 where he wore a dress thrust him into the cultural conversation about whether men should wear women's clothes. The nation seemed to be divided. Many claimed it was forward-thinking because gender roles are outdated and archaic, while others found it to be silly at best and creepy at worst.

Men Are Apparently Buying More Skirts Than Ever Before

A Vogue article from last year claims that everyday men are more interested in women's clothes than ever before, although the evidence to support this isn't exactly solid. Apparently, one of the top 10 sold items in the second quarter of 2021 was a menswear skirt from Thom Browne. This was evidently the first time a skirt had broken the top 10 for men's fashion.

However, this was the only data they provided so while it may be safe to say that more men bought skirts in 2021 than previous years, there isn't exactly solid evidence showing that men are going out to buy skirts and dresses in droves.

After all, no matter how progressive the fashion world thinks it is, the truth is, most everyday American men aren't interested at all in experimenting with women's clothing. This isn't likely to change even if Vogue releases 100 more magazine covers with men wearing dresses.

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