Marxism Is The Cancer Of The West

Have you ever noticed how when Democratic Socialists like Bernie and AOC talk about the glory of Socialism, they always point to the example of the Nordic countries’ ”success” with Socialism but never seem to acknowledge the failures of Socialism elsewhere in African, Asian, or Latin American countries?

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
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Besides this creepy resemblance to the Nazi’s (National Socialist) affinity for Nordicism, the Democratic Socialist’s refusal to address the abject failure of Socialist policies everywhere else they’re implemented around the world is maddening. Countless millions in the developing world have had their lives taken and destroyed by Communism and Socialism. Yet this political blight is still being sold to unsuspecting victims today, both in America and in the rest of the world. 

In order to convince the developing nations to adopt Socialist/Communist policies, Marxism is sold as the "antidote" to Western capitalism. The fight against “Western Imperialism” is used as the rallying call to garner support for this ideology. What the Marxist won’t tell their unsuspecting victims is that Marxism is, itself, a Western idea. 

Non-Western Countries Duped by Marxism 

The end of World War II marked the end of the old power structure. Imperial nations like Great Britain, Germany, and Japan gave way to the rise of two new superpowers – the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR). In the battle for power globally, Marxism was promoted by the USSR as an ideology of anti-Western Imperialism. For the newly emerging countries, this was an easy sell since memories of the horrific Second World War still burned hot in the minds of the occupied people. 

Marxism was an easy sell since memories of World War II still burned in the minds of the occupied people. 

For example, World War II saw Imperial Japan practically decimate the Asian continent as its soldiers raped, pillaged, and murdered everyone in their path. Naturally, once the war was over, the traumatized citizens of the Asian continent who were once in the warpath of Imperial Japan (like China and North Korea) adopted Marxism as a deterrent against Imperial powers. The same goes for other developing nations in Africa and Latin America too. 

Marxism IS Imperialistic  

What the unsuspecting adopters of Marxism in the developing world aren’t aware of is how Marxism is really the destructive, poisonous parts of Western culture boiled down into the ideology of Socialism and Communism. Karl Marx was, after all, a German philosopher (and one of Nazi Germany’s favorite intellectuals).  

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and one of Nazi Germany’s favorite intellectuals.  

Marxism always thrives on corruptive greed, envy, and the desire for control and power in the name of creating a Socialist utopia. Behind the Marxist veil of “egalitarian justice” is primarily the desire to exploit and rule. It’s an ideology that will destroy and kill if necessary, all in the name of “equality.” Among the poor, Marxism cultivates a feeling of victimhood by feeding the entitlement mentality. That way, the poor work as the Socialists’ pawns, playing into the hands of those lusting for power.

Struggle session of Sampho Tsewang Rigzin and his wife during the Cultural Revolution. Struggle sessions were a form of torture and public humiliation the Communist Party of China used to shape public opinion and to persecute or execute political rivals and enemies. Victims were forced to confess to various crimes while the crowd abused them. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Non-Western Countries Destroyed by Marxism 

Speaking as someone whose ethnicity is part Chinese, Marxism has effectively destroyed centuries (if not millennia) of ancient Chinese history and heritage through Mao’s Cultural Revolution. I’ve written a bit about the similarity between Leftist SJW culture and China’s Communist culture. Once you understand how both the American SJW culture is rooted in the same Marxist dogma shared by Communist China, you too will see the connection to how Marxism oppresses and destroys everything it infects. 

For those who don’t know, China’s Cultural Revolution was Mao’s turbo-charged implementation of the Marxist Revolution. In order to bring upon the Communist Utopia, Mao Zedong slaughtered everyone who was deemed a “class enemy” because they resisted the transformation of society. Remember this – a total societal overhaul (the Marxist Revolution) is the fundamental tenet of the Communist Manifesto. This is why whenever I hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez call for us to “fundamentally change America,” I'm more than a little worried. 

A "People's Court" judges an accused landlord, a victim of "classicide," under Mao Zedong. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The Marxist Legacy of Mass Slaughter 

Mao’s revolution succeeded. Teachers and professors were beaten and killed. Writers and artists were shot and killed. Business owners were hunted down and killed. They (and several million more) were murdered by the Communist regime in the mission to bring forth a Marxist revolution. This is the legacy of Marxism. It’s the legacy that’s being kept alive today through the radical Left’s approval of the new fad of "Democratic Socialist" ideas. 

Marxism is an ideology that will destroy and kill if necessary, all in the name of “equality.”

China wasn’t the only nation Marxism destroyed. Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America – the trail of slaughter left behind from Marxism is alarming. Yet, many of us today have been desensitized to the violent history of Marxism or are completely ignorant, for we’re rarely taught about the horrors of Marxist history. 

How many of us are even aware of the Communist body count? Some of us might be, but the majority of the public today isn’t even aware that Soviet Russia was a Socialist state. Socialism is in the name itself – USSR is an acronym for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Yet we’re constantly gaslighted into believing that “real Marxism/Socialism/Communism hasn’t been tried” by the Democratic Socialists of America.

The Historical Execution of Marxism 

Here’s a good video you can watch about how Marxist Socialism set Africa back: 

Here’s a good video on how the Soviet Union starved and killed millions of Ukrainians in the name of Marxism: 

And here are some great articles about the horrors that Socialist Marxism imposed on Latin America. Take note of how Cuba was once the shining beacon of progress — until Che Guevara’s Communist Revolution threw it back into oppression. 

Closing Thoughts

When the Berlin wall came down and the media said, “Yay! Communism is dead!” it turns out Communism was just lying dormant. Like a cancerous growth, Marxism spreads and destroy everything in its path. The saddest part is how Marxism is constantly sold to the developing world under the pretenses of helping out the poor through its “anti-Western Imperialism.” In actuality, Marxism is every bit a Western system as Western Imperialism. Whenever a Marxist brings up the evils of Western Imperialism, ask them this question: “If it’s true that the anti-Western Imperialist’s goal is to ‘fight the West,’ then why are they using a Western system to do so?”.