Man Shares Viral Before-And-After Photo Of What He Looks Like 4 Years After Giving Up Pornography

By Gina Florio
·  4 min read
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Pornography is available to anyone and everyone in today's society. Kids as young as 7 years old are starting to watch it on a regular basis. A Twitter user shared his candid before-and-after photo documenting how different his face looks—and how much his life has changed—since he abandoned his addiction to porn.

It's both sad and infuriating that pornography has become so culturally acceptable. We've been taught that sex work is just as worthy as any other work, and as long as adults are consenting, they're perfectly capable of participating in porn films to be distributed across the internet at no cost. Unfortunately, this has resulted in children getting younger and younger every year when they're exposed to hardcore pornography for the first time. A study found that 50% of kids between 11 and 13 years of age had seen pornography, and that number rose to 66% by the time they were 15 years old. Even worse, the porn industry relies heavily on human trafficking and the grooming of minors. And yet men and women across the country (and the world) consume porn on a regular basis, allowing it to destroy their mental wellness, sex life, and ability to find a longterm husband or wife.

Man Shares Shocking Before-and-After Photo of What He Looks Like 4 Years after Giving Up Pornography

A Twitter user by the name of @KingDavidQPS admits he was addicted to pornography for nearly a decade. "I first saw soft porn on a wallpaper app on an iPod touch. I was 9 years old then. By age 14 I watched porn every day. If not multiple times per day. Age 16 I realized I had a problem. At age 17 I tried to quit. I let porn control my life for far too long," he tweets. He talks about how porn ruined his life and destroyed his ability to talk to women.

"I had terrible separation anxiety as a kid. It turned into social anxiety when I reached high school. I was scared of what other people thought of me," he says. "Especially women. Porn ruined my self-esteem and confidence and all throughout high school I suffered because of it."

He says he froze up when when talking to women and he was "a horrible simp for them." He also believes he suffered from a type of body dysmorphia. "I would compare myself to the male pornstars I saw in videos," he says. "I was obsessed with looking as good as possible. Yet... I looked like that."

@KingDavidQPS also says porn "ruined my ability to attach to people" and he would self-sabotage whenever things were going well with a girl. He also details a relationship he had with a woman in 2019, during which he watched porn regularly, and they broke up eventually. It was a painful breakup but shortly after they split, he decided to finally quit porn. In January 2020 he watched porn for the last time.

"Start eating healthy. Maximize sun exposure. Lift weights. Fix your attachment. Build better relationships. Start a business," he advises. "It took me from July 2019 to February 2022 to lay the foundation. Now I am the healthiest and richest I've ever been. You can do the same."

Now he coaches other men to help them kick their porn addiction once and for all. He shared a photo of what he looked like while he was addicted to porn and another photo of what he looks like after he quit porn. The differences are astonishing.

HIs eyes are brighter and more lifted, his cheekbones are more pronounced, his skin is brighter, and there's something intangible about his overall appearance. He just looks more masculine, happier, and more fulfilled in the "after" photo. It's remarkable to see a young man document his struggle with porn and see the changes show up visibly on his face.

While men think consuming porn is harmless and just another way to gratify themselves, it can have lasting harm on them physically and emotionally. They're unable to connect with women, they face self-esteem issues, and they even have trouble finding a wife in the long run. As @KingDavidQPS shows, life improves drastically when you give up the addiction to porn.