Man At T.J. Maxx Labeled "Racist" For Tackling Black Woman Allegedly Shoplifting

A man at T.J. Maxx in Mira Loma used force to stop a black woman from robbing the store, and now the internet is calling him "racist," while others have deemed him a "good Samaritan."

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Tj maxx

A video is going viral on social media after a man tackled a black woman at a T.J. Maxx in Mira Loma, California, after she and a friend allegedly got caught shoplifting. The incident has sparked a heated debate online, with some people calling the man "racist" for targeting and "manhandling" a female, while others are supporting him and calling him a "good Samaritan" for trying to stop a criminal act.

In the clip above, two women can be seen carrying multiple bags. One of them successfully leaves the store, but the other woman is stopped when the man grabs her bags. She then throws several punches at his face, and he retaliates by pushing and grabbing her hair. He throws her on the ground, and they continue the scuffle until she eventually walks out the door.

Others believe the man saw an opportunity to attack a black woman.

Then again, is it really okay to let someone steal? The more we allow crime, the worse cities get – just take a look at places in Northern California, where nothing is done to shoplifters. "He’s a hero. Those thieves deserve that and jail too," tweets @GeoGonzalezES.

I don't ever condone men using force against women, but it's important to take into consideration that his actions were not necessarily based on the woman's race. Judging by his impulsive move, he probably would have done the same to a Caucasian woman stealing. And, yes, the vigilante did overreact (and things could have easily gone south) – but the U.S. government has become far too complacent, allowing individuals to break the law and harm others and businesses, prompting citizens to take matters into their own hands. In other words, people are reaching a breaking point, and the anger on both sides is reflective of this.

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