Madison Beer Discusses Leaked Nude Videos From When She Was A Minor: "I Felt So Unsafe"

Madison Beer revealed how her nude leaks affected her mental health as a minor. The singer described the horrifying incident as "traumatizing," and she felt "powerless" throughout the ordeal.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Madison Beer

Singer Madison Beer says she felt "powerless" as a teen after her nude videos were leaked. When she was still a minor, Madison started sending sexually explicit content of herself to a guy she was talking to. When the photos of herself were posted online, the "Reckless" singer faced backlash for it – even though she was the victim.

“I was so disturbed by it and so afraid. I felt so unsafe and just, like, scared," the 24-year-old revealed on the podcast Call Her Daddy. “There were so many layers of peeling the onion of how that made me feel and … no one saying that it was wrong.”

"I've seen tweets of people being like, 'Maybe you shouldn't have been dumb enough to send that to this person,' and, 'Why would you do that?'" she says. Madison believed that her nudes wouldn't get saved because of Snapchat, a popular app used for messaging unsavable photos that automatically disappear after 10 seconds. She later learned about "Snapsave," which allows users to save images from Snapchat to their camera roll.

"I found out that existed," Madison explains. "But I just didn't think that the person I was sending this stuff to would remotely ever think to do something like that, because this is someone [I've] known my whole life. I was wrong, obviously."

When Madison discovered that her nudes were leaked, she fell into "crisis mode" and tried to "trace it" and do "damage control." "I just [felt] powerless in the moment," she recalls. Her photos later ended up on every platform. “It was so, so hard for so long, and I felt like the whole world had seen the video, and this is also the beginning of having real trigger-able PTSD from the situation,” she adds.

Madison admitted that she didn't press charges against the person who leaked her pictures because she did not think he was "evil" or "malicious." At the time, she didn't realize how disturbing the situation truly was, although she knew it was inappropriate. "At the time, I knew it was inappropriate,” she says, “but I wasn’t as shocked and disgusted as I am now.”

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