LoveShackFancy’s Paris Collection Makes Us Want To Travel And Fall In Love

By Nicole Andre··  3 min read
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loveshackfancy paris collection Makes Us Want To Travel And Fall In Love

Boho babe dream brand LoveShackFancy just released a new collection inspired by Paris, and you’ll want everything.

If there were two words I could have to describe my dream wardrobe, you can bet they would be romantic and Parisian. So it’s no wonder that I absolutely adore the new collection from LoveShackFancy that they’ve aptly called “Paris J’taime”. In case you didn’t know, je t’aime means I love you in French. The collection is a love letter to all things Parisian.

LoveShackFancy says the collection was made for “having croissants for breakfast, touring museums, and dining out in chic as ever cream tweeds, elegant winding bow florals, dreamy silk embroidered eyelet ruffles, and dusty pinks in our forever favorite city.” Sign us up!

The light pinks, the soft curls, the Chanel-inspired set at a fraction of the price. We can’t all be in Paris (although a girl can dream), but this collection is about as close as you’ll get to feeling like you are without going anywhere.

These outfits are what I wish we had seen more of in Emily in Paris, rather than the Carrie Bradshaw-wearing-a-beret outfits that were worn in the first season (no shade on Lily Collins). The cream and light pink palette is much more true to the subdued Parisian style you’re likely to see in the city.

Even if Parisian style isn’t quite your thing, the sets are also easily styled into New York glam-inspired looks for those of us who lean more toward the Upper East Side than Paris.

A romantic nighttime look for going out was not forgotten. You have everything you need in the LoveShackFancy collection for all of your Parisian daydreaming. Don’t worry. We won’t judge.

Shop Our Favorites from the Collection

It was challenging but I did pick out my favorites, and I have them all for you right here so you can shop them!

Mews Houndstooth Cropped Jacket


First up, we have to have this to-die-for cropped jacket on the list. I love this paired with the skirt, but between the two, I think the jacket will be more wearable and a better use of your money.

Buy Now - $575

Laredo Top


It may be less prominent when put under the houndstooth jacket, but this blouse has a beautiful, soft floral print that’s subtle enough to work year-round. 

Buy Now - $295

Lyna Maxi Dress


This dress is a best seller, so pick it up while you still can because this maxi is totally dreamy. 

Buy Now - $545

Armstrong Houndstooth Wool Coat


If the only coat you have is black, this pretty cream and pink coat is a worthwhile investment to upgrade your winter to spring wardrobe. 

Buy Now - $795

Kelly Cashmere Turtleneck


You may already have a white turtleneck in your wardrobe, but the thought-out details of this investment piece will make it well worth your while.

Buy Now - $485

Robinson Cropped Cardigan Sweater


This cardigan is a bit more casual than the other one, but I love it because it’s going to be wearable for your day-to-day life and the quality of the knit looks amazing. 

Buy Now - $495

Closing Thoughts

Romantic Parisian style is every girl’s dream. This LoveShackFancy collection is perfect to shop or to take inspiration from as you replenish your wardrobe during the upcoming seasons.

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