Lizzo Says Racism Is Why Roe V. Wade Was Overturned And Black Women Are "Hypersexualized" All The Time

Lizzo has become one of the most well-known names in Hollywood. She's particularly outspoken about her stance on abortion, body positivity, and racism in America, and in a recent Vanity Fair interview, she made it very clear that she believes racism to be the source of just about every social issue she witnesses in our culture.

By Gina Florio3 min read

When Lizzo accepted an MTV Video Music Award in August, she used her acceptance speech to claim that women are discriminated in American society. “Your vote means everything to me, it means everything to making a change in this country … When you’re voting for your favorite artist, vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us," she said. Many people criticized her for claiming to be oppressed when she was seen only a couple of months earlier walking onto a private jet wearing a pair of thong leggings that exposed her entire backside. Lizzo has continued the narrative that she, along with many other women, has been intentionally discriminated against by racist men.

Lizzo Says Racism Is Why Roe V. Wade Was Overturned and Black Women Are "Hypersexualized" All the Time

Lizzo donated $500,000 to Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds after Roe v. Wade was overturned. She expressed anger at the idea that Biden's administration hasn't done more to ensure that women have access to abortion on demand. “I don’t know what they’re doing. I see they’re listening, but we’re in a post–thoughts and prayers society. Thoughts and prayers just don’t f*cking cut it anymore," she said.

She said she knows "plenty of people who would have died" if they didn't have an abortion. But for Lizzo, it shouldn't matter whether you know someone who has had an abortion.

"It shouldn’t matter what my opinion is," she explained. "Opinions is what got us in this sh*t in the first place—what people think people should be doing with their bodies. These days, we don’t create laws that support people having health care, never mind abortions. How about letting people have access and resources and mind their f*cking business?”

“The Supreme Court has politicized law and made it a weapon against human rights,” she continued. “An overwhelming amount of people did not agree with what the Supreme Court did. It’s about power and control. It’s about white male supremacy; it’s always been about white male supremacy in this country, and the people who are complicit in helping uphold it—who are a lot of white women. The women who voted for Donald Trump. The façade that ‘America, we’re all in this together.’ No, we’re not. Black people have been dehumanized so much—especially black women. I’d like to be an optimist, but I’m a chronically disappointed optimist."

Lizzo doesn't seem to realize that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose outspoken goal was to eradicate the black race, which she thought to be inferior.

"As a fat black woman, this country has never gone forward," Lizzo continued. "It's stayed pretty much the same for me." Interesting choice of words from a woman who travels by private jet and has a personal chef in her home.

Lizzo also claims that white supremacy is the reason that black women are constantly hypersexualized. “When it’s sexualized, someone is doing it to me or taking it from me," she said. "Black women are hypersexualized all the time, and masculinized simultaneously. Because of the structure of racism, if you’re thinner and lighter, or your features are narrow, you’re closer to being a woman.” She denies that her revealing attire has anything to do with the so-called hypersexualization of black women.

Lizzo Says She Prioritizes Health and Eats a Vegan Diet

In August 2021, Lizzo went viral for an Instagram live in which she cried on camera in response to a comment about her weight. "People have been calling me fat my entire life, but that was the first time seeing an insult of how I looked, who I am, and my music wrapped into one, and it really hurt me," she said. "And if one person says it, then another person says it, it multiplies like a f*cking virus. If enough people on the internet start echoing sentiments about you, it becomes part of your public persona, and it’s out of your control.” 

Venting about the experience made her feel better, though. In response to people who point out her unhealthy weight, she insists that she is healthy inside and out.

"I lead a very healthy lifestyle—mentally, spiritually, I try to keep everything I put in my body super clean," she claimed. "Health is something I prioritize, wherever that leads me physically. Like veganism, people were like, ‘You’re a vegan? What, are you deep frying the lettuce?’ I’m not a vegan to lose weight, I just feel better when I eat plants."

Lizzo says "food is fun," and she loves eating. She says she doesn't "feel that weight gain is bad anymore." She hates that people associate weight gain with something negative.

"I love eating, and I have a chef now, and I’m not thinking about it. I had a brownie last night," she said.