Lizzo Insists "Social Media Needs Me" But She Doesn't Need Instagram To Feel Good About Herself Anymore

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Singer and performer Lizzo is active on multiple social media platforms. She has millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and she uses her platforms to promote body positivity, her new shapewear line Yitty, and her new music.

Lizzo is the cover girl for the latest issue of Elle UK, and she spoke about her musical role models growing up and the image she has built for herself over the past couple of years. She said she "wasn't really set up to believe that I was desirable," but her friends helped her build her confidence and make her feel like she was beautiful.

Lizzo Insists That "Social Media Needs Me" but She Doesn't Need It To Feel Good about Herself Anymore

Even though you see her strong presence across social media today, Lizzo, 34, didn't grow up with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. "I was born before it was everywhere you go, before it was the official news source, and before it was an obligatory or a necessity in your career," she said. "I grew up right before it was able to harass you in schools and get you cyberbullied in class. I just missed that mark."

She has made a name for herself by posting content that centers on self-acceptance and body positivity, ignoring the criticism that her photos and videos are too inappropriate for the public eye. She has come to a conclusion about social media in general.

"I don’t need social media, social media needs me," she insisted. "Social media literally needs people to function. I don’t need to go on the internet and feel better about stuff anymore. I have a therapist. I have best friends. I have an amazing team around me who I can talk to. I got love."

She sees herself as an online presence that helps others feel less alone. "There are millions of people going through what I’m going through, who don’t have an outlet, who don’t have a support system, who don’t have the financial freedom or access to certain things to feel better," she said. "I don’t want people to have to suffer like I do. If I can give somebody a cheat code, or if I can give somebody the recipe so they can make their own sauce, I’m gonna do it."

Lizzo aims to use her new, inclusive shapewear brand Yitty as a way to empower women and encourage them to feel confident regardless of their size. She doesn't want to be "the token big girl for the fashion world." She wants her clothes to be "for everybody."

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