Licensed Counselor Advocates For "Minor-Attracted Persons" In A Viral Video That Attempts To Normalize Pedophilia

Just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier, a viral video is circulating in which a licensed counselor and sex therapist advocates for referring to pedophiles as "minor-attracted persons." She insists that these individuals can't help but be attracted to underage children.

By Gina Florio1 min read

A licensed professional counselor and sex therapist from Pennsylvania wants everyone to rethink the way that we view pedophiles. She posted a video explaining the term "minor-attracted persons" (MAPs) and advocated for pedophiles to be referred to as MAPs in order to reduce stigma.

Licensed Counselor Advocates For "Minor-Attracted Persons" in a Viral Video That Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

The counselor kicks off the video by claiming that pedophiles should be referred to as "minor-attracted persons," also abbreviated as MAPs. She also insists that so-called MAPs are "probably the most vilified population of folks in our culture." According to her, too many people make "incorrect assumptions" about pedophiles, who she considers to be "an already marginalized population." Yes, she really did say that pedophiles are a marginalized population.

She prefers to use the term MAPs instead of "the more commonly used term pedophile" because "the term pedophile has moved from a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them." She says it's better to use the term MAPs because it maintains their personhood and doesn't allow one characteristic to define who they are.

The counselor looks exactly like one would expect from a pedophilia apologist: shaved head, covered in tattoos, huge funky glasses. The whole video feels like a South Park episode, but unfortunately this is the very real world we're living in.

The quest to normalize pedophilia has been brewing over the last couple years. However, the term MAPs was once only used in niche online circles, but now so-called experts, therapists, and counselors are advocating for its mainstream use in society in order to normalize the sickening, criminal behavior of pedophiles. The worst part is, the counselor in this viral video works for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.