Let's Talk About Nicole Kidman’s Amazing Outfits In 'The Undoing'

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Everybody seems to be talking about “The Undoing,” starring Nicole Kidman. Love or hate the show, there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, and that’s Nicole Kidman’s outfits for the show were killer.

Nicole Kidman stars with Hugh Grant in the drama The Undoing. If you want to watch, you can stream the first season on HBO Max. The show is a drama, which isn’t usually my favorite outside of my love for Gossip Girl (which also has great fashion, click here for more inspiration), but Nicole Kidman’s outfits are completely swoon-worthy whether dramas are your thing or not. If you’re intrigued by the show, Nicole Kidman plays a therapist and Hugh Grant is her husband. You’ll have to watch to find out the rest.

Her outfits on the show are really great for fall and winter, so the show came out at a great time to fill our need for some outfit ideas for the season. Trust me, these don’t disappoint. And remember, even just dressing for yourself around the house is super good for your mental health!

So without further ado, here are the winter fashion tips you need.

Ditch the Plain Black Coat for Something with Some Spunk

A green or red coat could never be boring! And while that may be a little too out of the box for you, trust me I understand, the principle is still there. Don’t be afraid to break away from black this winter. There are different shades of blue, pink, yellow, red, and, yes, green to choose from. You might find the color a nice change of pace!

Leather Gloves Are Always Chic

I have a thing for a pretty pair of leather gloves. And it’s easy to see why, they work with pretty much anything! Whether you’re wearing a leather jacket or your fanciest wool coat, leather gloves will look so pretty and chic. And you can find them in just about any color!

Accessorize with Scarves

Scarves are the perfect winter accessory because they provide both form and function. Take a note from Nicole Kidman and choose colors that compliment each other. Scarves are easy to throw on, but look oh-so-chic!

Remember the Power of Color Coordination

Color coordination is an old school fashion tip, but it’s one to be remembered. The brown skirt and bag help to tie this look together. So when you put an outfit together think about which purse you have that would work best and then transfer your stuff to it on your way out the door.

Tonal Outfits Are Gorgeous

And then, of course, there’s the power of a tonal outfit. Could anything be chicer? This one will likely take a bit of planning and probably some shopping, but if you’re looking for an outfit to pack a punch, then this is the way to go.

Simple Works

Sometimes it’s best just to just forget about trends and remember what works. And a simple sweater and a good pair of jeans always do. You can pair them with almost anything and dress the outfit up or down to take you just about anywhere.

Subtle Jewelry Is Sometimes Better

Sure a statement piece draws the eye, but there’s something to the simplicity of more subtle jewelry. It’s easy to get distracted by Nicole Kidman’s luscious curls, but when you do notice the dainty bracelet and ring, it’s a truly breathtaking ensemble. It’s not gaudy or attention calling, but it makes a statement, don’t worry. It just does it more quietly.

A Chic Robe for Staying at Home

Is there anything better than a long robe for lounging around the house? It’s so pretty, and I promise you’ll feel a lot better about yourself in that than in an old t-shirt (as comfortable as they are). So whether you go for cotton or a silk variety, a beautiful robe is always in style.

Neutrals Are Always in Style

Now I know what I said about getting a colorful coat earlier, and I’m a believer in it. But that said, a more neutral coat is a closet staple because it does go with everything with hardly any effort. But that said, I stand by the fact that a colorful coat will help liven up your wardrobe and make even a  simple errand more fun.

Great Hair

You know I couldn’t end this article without talking about the real shining star in all of these photos — Nicole Kidman’s hair, of course! I mean her curls are to die for. Luckily you can get her ringlets too with the help of a 19mm curling wand and patience. Small sections are your ticket to success here, people. And hairspray, of course!

Closing Thoughts

Nicole Kidman’s winter wardrobe in The Undoing was really built on different coats with great accessories. Remember the formula and you have a recipe for success with your outfits this winter! And if you don’t have a colorful coat in your closet yet, start there for me, please. They’re one of my favorite clothing items to see in outfits ever. You won’t regret it, I swear.

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