Lady Gaga Helps Legendary Liza Minelli Present An Award At The Oscars And It Was A Precious Moment

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At the 2022 Academy Awards last night, Lady Gaga and Liza Minelli teamed up to present the big award of the night: Best Picture.

The legendary actress and performer Liza Minelli, 76, rarely makes public appearances these days, but she came out to the Academy Awards to conclude the evening with Lady Gaga, who specifically asked to present the award with Liza.

Lady Gaga and Liza Minelli Conclude the Oscars with a Sweet Moment

As they were presenting the nominees for Best Picture, it was clear that Liza was having trouble with her words. For a moment she seemed to forget what was going on.

"Hi everybody! I'm so happy to be here, especially with you. I'm your biggest fan," Liza said to the crowd and then to Lady Gaga. This was after the nominees had already been presented. Lady Gaga stepped up quickly, leaned down to Liza's level, and simply said, "Are you excited to announce Best Picture?"

Liza opened the envelope and said, "CODA!"

There was another point in the beginning of their presentation when Liza got visibly confused. "I don't understand," she said. Although you couldn't see them at this point, you could hear Lady Gaga say into the microphone, "I got you." Liza responded, "I know."

It was by far the sweetest moment in the whole evening, especially considering the mayhem that occurred earlier in the night. It was even more special that this was the 50th anniversary of Liza's Cabaret performance for which she won an Oscar.

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