Kim Kardashian Announces She's "GQ Man Of The Year" 2023

This world is so unserious.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Dylan Mulvaney won "Woman of the Year," and now Kim Kardashian is apparently GQ's "Man of the Year."

The SKIMS founder took to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday to make the confusing announcement. "Hi!" she wrote, "I'm the GQ Man of the Year!" Kardashian proudly shared the cover of the 2023 Men of the Year issue. Unlike her usual hypersexualized image, she's seen eating a bag of Cheetos while dressed in a suit and tie. The 2023 issue did highlight men inside its pages, including Jacob Elordi, Travis Scott, Tom Ford, Offset, and more.

The news has brought about some mixed reactions. "Kim Kardashian is your Man of the Year??? Be serious for a damn second," writes @jacquemusx on X.

"Bruhh whats happening?" asks @Real_jaeflex. "This doesn’t make any sense."

Ironically, even the trans community is upset. @transguyenergy comments, "a cis woman being GQ's Man of the Year before a trans man? not shocked but still annoyed."

"so now she is the man of the year? How much did you get paid @GQMagazine ?" adds @Gatsby26Welles.

How GQ Began Placing Women on Covers

GQ has been confusing people for years. The reason is obvious: Historically, when a publication would release an "x of the year" award, it would feature the corresponding gender. However, while the Men of the Year issue would typically feature a man on the cover, they also featured at least one woman in the issue under the category "woman." Then, a shift came, with them implementing more women in each magazine, followed by leaving out of the category of "woman," thus blurring its concept.

In 2018, GQ announced on their website that their Men of the Year Awards "celebrates the men and women who shape the world's cultural landscape over style, politics, entertainment and sport." They began placing women on the covers, including Megan Thee Stallion and Jennifer Lopez. The timing coincides with the rise of the nonbinary and transgender ideologies that have been pervasive in recent years. But the only time it made sense for them to have a woman on the cover, at least for me, was when they featured Serena Williams on the front page and crossed out the word "men" and replaced it with "woman."

GQ Men of the Year is still geared towards men, and I sometimes wonder if their angle is to appeal to more women. This theory makes more sense when you realize that women on covers sell more copies than men. I also think that Kardashian played a role in landing herself on the cover since her family has to rely on controversy to stay relevant. This, coupled with how she's recently launched SKIMS for men, makes sense as to why she's advertising on GQ Men of the Year.

Another reason why I think GQ's promotional stunts are so controversial is because men and women desire publications that specifically cater to their interests and perspectives. Men want representation as much as women. I can't count how often the Evie founders have been asked to create a publication specifically for men. Some might argue that a men's magazine featuring women may be empowering, but I believe it does the opposite. By further blurring the lines between men and women, the erasure of women continues to get normalized.

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