Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn In To The Supreme Court

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Ketanji brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a former public defender from Miami who was appointed to serve on the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden.

Jackson, 51, studied law at Harvard University and was confirmed by the Senate to serve on the SCOTUS a few months ago, and during the Senate confirmation hearing she generated much attention because she couldn't define what a woman is because she's "not a biologist." Jackson was sworn into the Supreme Court today.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn in to the Supreme Court

Jackson was previously on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, and she is the first black woman to be sworn into the Supreme Court. "I am truly grateful to be part of the promise of our great nation," she said in a statement after the swearing-in ceremony.

She takes the seat of Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, who served the court for almost 30 years. Jackson clerked for Breyer over two decades ago.

"Her hard work, integrity, and intelligence have earned her a place on this court," Breyer said in a statement. "I am glad for America. Ketanji will interpret the law wisely and fairly, helping that law to work better for the American people, whom it serves."

Jackson was sworn in as the 116th justice of the Supreme Court. Many politicians and activists have shared their happiness at her being sworn onto the court, including Nancy Pelosi who claims that Jackson "will be a much needed force for equal justice for all."

There are some people who criticize Jackson for issuing lenient sentencing for sex offenders and child-pornography offenders. She has also been described as "soft on crime."

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