Kate Middleton’s Beauty Regime Is Surprisingly Achievable And Affordable

My life motto is if it’s good enough for a royal, then it’s good enough for me. No, but seriously, stop taking your beauty advice from Cosmo and start taking it from Kate Middleton. She may be a royal, but her approach to beauty will work for anyone.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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She may not be queen yet, but the Duchess of Cambridge is the queen of all things beauty. Just take a look at her winter outfits. Her look is remarkably consistent, but it works and with a little practice is something that you can achieve at home. 

As a royal, the Duchess has perfected the art of looking put together at all times. Wind, rain, or shine, she has great hair and makeup. And she does it all while managing being a wife and mother of three (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis). The 39 year old is aging gracefully, and I think we could all learn a thing or two from her beauty routine.

Kate’s look is all about embracing her natural beauty. Who would have thought that kind of message would be coming from the royals? In our current American society, caked-on, dramatic makeup is more often what we see in the media and on Instagram. The better beauty how-to comes out of Kensington Palace.  

Her Makeup Look

Kate Middleton keeps her makeup consistent. She wears a natural look, with fresh skin, a darker eye, and nude lipstick. And before you go and say that she probably has a million makeup artists and there’s no way you could replicate her look, know that she did her own makeup for her wedding day. That’s the beauty of a natural look! You really don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve it. It just takes a little bit of practice (and maybe a YouTube video or two to learn how to do the eyeliner part). 

Not only is her natural look easy to achieve, but it’s also a refreshing change from the overdramatized Instagram makeup. Natural makeup looks much better a lot of the time and puts forth a much better image. Ever heard that what you wear says something about you? The same thing goes for makeup. So if you want to appear classy and polished, your makeup should follow suit. Here are some tips on achieving the natural makeup look.

Her Complexion

Kate really doesn’t wear a lot of face makeup. Instead, she uses the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer which provides her with some sheer coverage and sun protection. And to help brighten her under eyes, she will use the Yves Saint Laurent brightening pen. For blush, she often reaches for a Bobbi Brown (one of her favorite makeup brands) blush in the shade “Pale Pink.” I sometimes feel like blush has been left behind in modern Instagram makeup, but it’s a really natural way to bring color into your face.

And as her last complexion product, Kate uses the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in “Pink Quartz.” A subtle highlight is a great way to add dimension to the face without lots of contouring (which is easy to mess up miserably, by the way). I’ll take Bobbi Brown’s word for it when she says it usually ends up looking like dirt.

All about the Eyes

Kate’s eyeshadow is another palette a lot of women have in their arsenal. She uses the Urban Decay Naked palette. And while the original palette she was said to have used has been discontinued, it’s not a stretch to think she might use one of the newer Naked palettes or have picked up a Bobbi Brown palette to replace it. Eyeliner is a key part of her look, and she favors her Lancôme Artliner. As for mascara, she sticks with Lancôme and uses Hypnose

Royally Pink Lipstick

I couldn’t not talk about Kate’s perfectly pink shade of lipstick. She goes for Bobbi Brown again here and uses the shade “Sandwash Pink.” Consider investing in a lip liner in the same shade for a long-lasting, perfectly applied pout.

A Duchess Level Manicure

One key to looking extra ladylike is keeping your hands in good condition. Make sure you regularly trim your nails and use lotion if you have dry skin. And for polish, try one of Kate’s (and the Queen’s!) favorites - Essie Ballet Slippers. You can pick it up at Target!

Perfectly Coiffed Hair

Okay, so I’m not going to lie. Achieving Kate’s perfectly coiffed do’s will require you to spend a little extra time in the bathroom — at least at first. Make sure you have a good haircare routine.

The first step to getting her hairstyle is having healthy hair like hers. Avoid washing your hair too often as this can dry it out. You can train your hair to get less oily over time which means less time with heat tools! Make sure that you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t dry out your hair, and try not to use too many products that could create buildup on your scalp. 

You can recreate her blowout with a round brush and your blow dryer. Taking even sections will be key to getting her neat look. Focus on pulling out and upward to create a lot of volume at the root of the hair. Applying tension to the brush as you pull it through your hair will help you to get a smooth finish. Add a little flick at the end to create a bend. You can do the same thing with a curling iron if you like or curl all of your hair to get her soft waves! As for products, the Duchess uses Charles Worthington mousse and hair spray, both of which are surprisingly affordable.

And if you ever get tired of wearing it down, a neat up-do or a half-up hairstyle are Kate’s go-to’s. Or, of course, on the days where you’re more active or just want a more casual look, a smooth ponytail will do just fine!

Closing Thoughts

The Duchess of Cambridge’s natural makeup routine and sleek hairstyles are easier to accomplish than we think. There are tons of affordable products on the market. It just takes an extra level of care and diligence on the day-to-day. Before you know it you could become known for a blow-dry as impeccable as hers! Developing a consistent beauty routine is an easy step for added confidence and a better presentation wherever you go. Kate Middleton-level beauty routine, here we come!