Kanye West Insists There's "No Such Thing As 50/50 Custody" And He Refuses To Let His Daughter "Be Used By TikTok"

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Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West has been going through a divorce with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian, and much of it has been unfolding in the public eye.

In January 2021 Kim Kardashian announced her split from Kanye West. The two became a couple in 2011, had their first child North West in 2013, and were married in 2014. Over the last year, their divorce has been anything but smooth. Kanye has taken to Instagram on a few different occasions to speak about his anger over the fact that their 8-year-old daughter North is allowed on TikTok without his consent. Each time he speaks about Kim, their divorce, and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, he shortly after deletes all the videos on his page. He's back today with some new videos and photos about what he's been going through.

Kanye West Says There's "No Such Thing As 50/50 Custody"

In a series of new Instagram posts, Kanye unleashes many details about coparenting with Kim, with whom he has joint custody of their children. Their daughter North is still allowed on TikTok and recently Kim didn't bring her to Sunday Service even though they agreed that she would attend. Kanye even shares screenshots of his conversations with Kim. "Why the fuck is it up to you where my kids are if we so called have joint custody," his message said.

He also posted a few videos in which he spoke about North's use of social media.

“I told [Kim] to stop antagonizing me with this Tiktok thing," he said. "I am her father. I know y’all don’t respect fathers and the idea of family... I’m not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok, to be used by Disney. I have a say so."

He also posted a screenshot of North on TikTok. She's wearing dark makeup, and this is apparently the TikTok in which she was singing about being in love with an emo girl.

"My daughter will not be lead by people who don’t believe in God," he wrote in the caption. "I am in a very good place and a very God place Inside the will of God I am being still right now."

He also spoke about how fathers are not valued in families, especially when it comes to a custody battle.

"There’s no such thing as 50/50 custody in society today," he said. "It always leans toward the mom... and I’m happy that you guys got to see just a small piece of what I dealt with.”

In yet another video, he talked about how he refuses to be controlled by the mainstream narrative.

“In Hollywood they’ll bully you for not being a part of exactly what they want, for not voting for Hillary," he shared. "I know that people are gonna feel me and feel my heart just as a father, as a dad."

"I look at my daughter full emo," he continued. "I have no say or approval. And I’m the one that made them cool. I’m not asked what’s cool for my actual children in America. I’m a dad, I have an opinion, I’m an American, I’m a Christian, I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m not controlled."

Kim recently posted photos of herself on her Instagram for the first time with her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson. It's clear to see that Kanye is experiencing a lot of pain watching his children be influenced by various people who disagree with him on how his kids should be raised. Kim has yet to respond publicly to his latest posts.

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