Justin Bieber Opens Up About His “Selfish Moments” In Marriage

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justin and hailey opens us about his selfish moments in marriage

Justin Bieber is still entertaining audiences through social media, and he reflects on his marriage in a conversation with his pastor. How has the quarantine affected the Biebers and other celebrities during social distancing?

Justin Bieber is not perfect, and we are shocked (kind of). The 26-year-old singer shared a virtual Sunday service with some of his favorite preachers on Instagram last week, opening up about his eighteen-month marriage to Hailey, as well as about the other women he holds dear to his heart.

Justin Confesses He Can Be “Selfish” in Marriage

The smooth-voiced singer confided to his pastor, saying “I know I am flawed, but I am trying my best to be the best husband I can be, but I just, I have my selfish moments,” he confessed. “Wanting, you know, things for myself or just, you know, just not being perfect.”

I know I am flawed, but I am trying my best to be the best husband I can be, but I just, I have my selfish moments.

The “Sorry” singer further admitted that he tries to be the best husband because of a “perfect God” who loves us and is “obsessed with us and never let us down.” Justin is similarly “obsessed” with Hailey and the pop icon frequently dotes on his SO, saying that she makes him “smile.”

Hailey Isn't the Only Woman Who Has a Piece of Justin’s Heart

Justin also opened up about his adoration of the other girls in his life. He showered his love on his one-year-old half-sister, Bay saying, “I love you Bay. You're awesome. She...she doesn't know what I am saying because she doesn't speak yet...I could literally squeeze her to death, like, she is so yummy, like, I just love her so much.”

The Changes singer also has an 11-year-old half-sister, Jazymn, and a 12-year-old step-sister, Allie.

What Have the Biebers Been Up To during “Social Distancing”? 

Is the new COVID-19 virus bringing the Biebers peace or driving them crazy? We’re seeing more joy for these stars, if anything.

When asked about how she is handling the isolation, Hailey says that she’s doing better than she thought she would. The couple has been social distancing from their home in Canada, and it’s allowed Hailey to do some self-examining

“I’ve been happier than I felt in months just from being able to be low-key and just hang, and not have things on a schedule. I feel really reconnected with myself and that’s unexpectedly made me really happy.”

Justin also seems to keep himself in a positive mindset and the star has not skipped a beat when it comes to entertaining, especially with his TikTok challenges.

How Have Other Celebrities Been Coping during the Pandemic?

It’s not just the Biebers who have been vocal during the pandemic. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were recently interviewed on The Ellen Show. Chrissy expressed how emotional and “unreal” the situation is and how she felt like a “real housewife,” having “spent three hours on my makeup.” The 34-year-old model stated she had an unexplainable increase in energy for her children and was just “trying to make others happy.”

John was feeling a little less emotional and was a bit more stir crazy than Chrissy in the house, planning tours for his music while under quarantine.

It’s not all happy on the homefront, however. Vanessa Hudgens took to her social media letting the world know her “true” thoughts surrounding COVID-19 via Instagram live:“Yeah people are going to die, which is terrible, but like, inevitable?” She then asked her viewers, “Are you guys freaking out?” replying, “I am not. You know, it’s just like, be responsible. Be chill, be prepared. I don’t know what else to say. It’s like, there’s nothing else that you can do. Right?”

After receiving backlash over her seemingly heartless and thoughtless words, Vanessa posted an apology on Twitter, joining the ranks of Evangeline Lilly and other celebrities who changed their casual tune on the coronavirus after public outrage. 

Then there’s the encouraging montage of A-list celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his pet pony and donkey in his kitchen saying, “We just eat, we ‘whiskey’...we have a good time.”

Closing Thoughts

While it may seem like being a celebrity is a far cry from the reality of non-celebs during the COVID-19 lockdown, they’re just trying to make the best of this crazy situation too. At least they can keep us entertained and secretly wishing we too could have our farm animals to comfort us — but alas, TikTok and being a “Belieber” may be our only solace right now.

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