Julia Michaels Deactivates Her Twitter Account After Tweeting "Life Would Be Much Easier" If She Were Queer

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Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels has been the mastermind behind some of the most popular Billboard hits over the last few years, and she's collaborated with just about every big name in music. Her recent Twitter interaction left some fans unhappy with her, however.

Sabrina Carpenter is another artist whom Julia recently collaborated with; she helped her write multiple songs for her latest album called emails I can't send. There was a fan on Twitter who was openly critical about Julia's writing on Sabrina's album, saying that she didn't like her songs.

"I like this [song] but god I hate the way julia writes," she tweeted. Julia responded directly and started a heated conversation that ended with her deactivating her account.

Julia Michaels Deactivates Her Twitter Account after Tweeting "Life Would Be Much Easier" If She Were Queer

Julia quickly responded that she "wrote f*cking all of these," referring to the songs on Sabrina's album. They went back and forth, and Julia said at one point, "But I thought you hate the way I write."

The back-and-forth got so heated that Julia blocked the fan on Twitter. Some people came to her defense while others criticized her for getting so worked up. Another interaction resulted in Julia responding to someone about being queer. She said, "Life would be so much easier."

Her tweet was followed by many responses that criticized her for saying that life would be easier if she were gay rather than sexually attracted to men.

Not long after, her account was deactivated. It sounds like a trivial matter, but it actually points to a topic that's worth discussing: It's not so unreasonable to suggest that an artist or actor is propelled further into stardom if they come out as queer or trans. In fact, you see celebrities like Ellen Page and Lil Nas X whose careers exploded when they openly joined the LGBTQ community. Their fanbase expanded, they landed on the covers of magazines, and they were praised endlessly by mainstream outlets and other celebrities. Perhaps Julia wasn't so far off to suggest that her career and perhaps even her life would be easier if she also identified as queer.

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