Julia Fox Claims There's No Pedophilia Problem In Hollywood And That The Issue Is Actually Just Men—Here's Why She Is Dead Wrong

The hashtag #BalenciagaGate has been trending for days after the reveal of the fashion brand's latest campaign that featured child sex abuse content, but model Julia Fox insists that there is no problem of pedophilia in Hollywood. The problem is actually men.

By Gina Florio3 min read
Julia fox

Balenciaga released a fashion campaign last week that featured young girls holding teddy bears that were dressed in bondage gear, standing on top of papers that were from a Supreme Court case about child pornography. This sparked an outrage across the internet and become national news. The brand was pressured into apologizing and taking down the campaign (and even wiping out their whole Instagram account). But it didn't even stop there. The brand released yet another campaign featuring art books that display naked toddlers covered in blood playing with severed body parts and dystopian photos that give a nod to cannibalism.

Many people went down the rabbit hole to discover that a stylist for Balenciaga named Lotta Volkova has a long history of posting photos on her Instagram that feature child sex abuse, cannibalism, bondage (sometimes of minors), occultism and pedophilia. In fact, she has posted many images of teddy bears in bondage that look exactly like the Balenciaga campaign from hell. She is close friends with the creative director of Balenciaga, who has said in a previous interview that he, Lotta, and another friend and stylist Gosha Rubchinskiy "grew up on child pornography and radiation from Chernobyl, which is why we’re so f*cked up."

It becomes clearer every day that Balenciaga's campaign was no accident and that the brand has a history of either posting inappropriate content involving minors or employing/hiring people who seem to be obsessed with this kind of child sex abuse content. However, throughout all these discoveries and the reasonable amount of outrage that has been directed at Balenciaga and the many celebrities who have remained silent on this issue, model and socialite Julia Fox claims that we've got it all wrong.

Julia Fox Says There's No Pedophilia Problem In Hollywood and That Men Are Actually the Problem

Julia is active on her TikTok and she boasts 1.4 million followers. Two days ago she posted a video claiming that people are getting upset about what goes on in Hollywood for no reason whatsoever—because according to Julia, there is no pedophilia issue that is unique to Hollywood.

"You guys love saying 'Hollyweird.' All the pedophiles in 'Hollyweird,'" she says. "Listen up, f*ckfaces. There's pedophiles in every industry. You wanna go be a chef? There will probably be some abusers over there. You wanna go be a teacher? Abusers over there. You wanna go be an engineer? Abusers over there. This isn't an issue with Hollywood. This isn't an issue with the fashion world. This isn't an issue with celebrities. This is an issue with men, g*damnit! Men!"

By the end of the video she was screaming loudly into the phone. The TikTok has 3.6 million views already with almost 700,000 comments. Most of the users in the comment section agree with her and point to other industries where they see pedophilia.

On the same day, Julia posted another video in response to a user asking her for her thoughts on Balenciaga. She responded that she felt sick to her stomach when she saw the photos, but she said that none of the children were harmed in that shoot. And then she proceeded to talk about the Church (presumably the Catholic Church) and claimed that "millions of children" are sexually abused every day in the Church. Not only is that statistic entirely untrue, it's completely off topic and a classic case of whataboutism. She also briefly mentions that we should be focusing on the men who are doing the abusing, because this isn't an issue with women in her eyes.

It's not an irrelevant detail that Julia is a Hollywood socialite who works in the fashion industry as both a model and a designer. Why is it that so many of the celebrities are either ignoring the child sex abuse content that's being exposed in Hollywood or they're doing their absolute best to turn our attention away from it?

Julia Fox Is Dead Wrong about Balenciaga—Here's Why

One can certainly agree with the concept that pedophilia is sadly present everywhere, because pedophiles live and work amongst us. However, there is pedophilia and child sex abuse right in front of our eyes and there are far too many celebrities, including and especially Julia, who keep trying to divert our attention away from it and point to something else. Of course it's upsetting and tragic whenever children are sexually abused, whether it's at a church, in a school, at a daycare, or wherever else it takes place.

But Julia and all of her other Hollywood buddies need to stop desperately trying to divert our attention away from Balenciaga because there is very clearly a coordinated, intentional effort to exploit children. More importantly, the massive difference between Hollywood and the other spaces where pedophilia happens is, none of these other industries advertise, promote, and attempt to normalize pedophilia the same way that Hollywood does. You don't see advertisements or social media posts from major brands in the food industry or the engineering field (to point out the examples that Julia gave) that glamorize and try to normalize little girls with bondage teddy bears. You also don't see any Catholic Churches posting photos on their website featuring young children in a photo shoot that refers to child pornography.

Of course it's wrong and unforgivable when children are sexually abused, no matter the setting. But at this point, it's pointless to even try and deny that there is a uniquely horrific problem with pedophilia happening in Hollywood. It keeps getting covered up time and time again because some of the most powerful people in the world run circles in Hollywood, and the revelation of Balenciaga's Satanic and pedophilic history is an extremely important moment in our culture because it's one of the only times that mass amounts of people finally see this industry for what it really is and how it preys on children—all in the name of art and fashion.

Julia is also dead wrong to pin all of these issues on men and men alone. The Balenciaga campaign did not turn out the way it did because men are screwed up in ways that women aren't. If this is an issue exclusive to men, then why are figures like Lotta Volkova, Marina Abramovic, and Ghislaine Maxwell exposed for either producing child sex abuse content or grooming minors to be sexually abused? Surely there are also many other women who are involved in pedophilia.

This response by Julia is not only disappointing, but it's to be expected. Hollywood socialites will never admit in a million years that their industry has a uniquely disturbing issue with exploiting children and normalizing sexual abuse of minors. Julia Fox is just one of many celebrities who loves to virtue signal about various social justice issues while refusing to acknowledge one of the most heinous human rights issues happening on American soil today.