Johnny Depp Is Dating Joelle Rich, His Attorney From Previous U.K. Libel Case

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Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been in a years-long legal battle and have faced each other in court twice. Amber wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about being allegedly abused by someone, and it was very clear it was Johnny even though she didn't use his name.

Amber claimed that her ex-husband Johnny Depp physically abused her and the two accused each other of drug use throughout the trials. Johnny sued The Sun for libel because the newspaper called him a "wife-beater," but he lost his case in November 2020. The court upheld the claims as "substantially true," and he even lost his appeal in March 2021. But he had a couple strokes of good luck since then. He won his case in Virginia and was awarded $15 million in compensatory damages and punitive damages. Plus, he started dating one of his attorneys from the U.K. case: Joelle Rich.

Johnny Depp Is Dating Joelle Rich, His Attorney From Previous U.K. Libel Case

Joelle wasn't his attorney for the Virginia case but allegedly she was in the courtroom to offer her support. She's in the process of getting a divorce from her estranged husband, with whom she has two children. Their relationship has been confirmed to TMZ but neither of them have said anything about it publicly.

Johnny was previously rumored to have been dating his attorney from the Virginia case, Camille Vasquez, but that turned out to be false. Even though they were seen together a lot during the six-week defamation trial, Camille made it clear that there's nothing going on between them.

"It's disappointing that certain outlets kind of ran with it or said that my interactions with Johnny — who is a friend and I've known and represented for four-and-a-half years now — that my interactions in any way were inappropriate or unprofessional. That's disappointing to hear," she told People.

There are no recent pictures of the couple and for now it seems that they're keeping things as private as possible. Meanwhile the world waits to catch a glimpse of the two together.

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