Joe Rogan Calls Out President Biden's Pattern Of Lying And Cognitive Decline: "He Can't Talk Right Anymore"

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MMA commentator and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan never holds back in his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. In his latest episode with writer and commentator Coleman Hughes, he questioned how anyone could deny that President Biden is showing cognitive decline.

Even though the media smears Joe Rogan as an alt-right conspiracy theorist, he isn't someone who identifies explicitly with the left or the right. He may be slightly more left-leaning, but he's critical of figures and politicians on both sides, including President Biden.

Joe Rogan Points Out President Biden's Cognitive Decline

In his conversation with Coleman Hughes, Rogan doesn't hold back in pointing out that President Biden is losing his mind, which is a fact that we have all witnessed over the past year, but nobody in the press is brave enough to admit it. In fact, the media has done everything in their power to cover up the fact that President Biden is showing signs of dementia.

"You don’t see this? You guys out of your f***ing mind? You guys don’t see that this guy—he can’t talk right anymore?" Rogan asked.

Biden stutters, loses his train of thought, slurs his words, and in many cases makes no sense at all. Rogan is right. Biden really "can't talk right anymore," and this has only become the case in his later years of life.

"Go watch videos of him from 20 years ago," Rogan said. "He was a dummy, he said a lot of silly sh*t, he lied about a bunch of things, but at least he was articulate."

Rogan and Hughes also discuss Biden's pattern of lying, which has been apparent throughout his decades-long career. "He lied about graduating at the top of his class, he lied about having more than one degree, he lied about marching with Nelson Mandela," Hughes said.

"Oh, yeah," Rogan, chimed in. "He lied about his arrests recently. He lied about being arrested."

Rogan says Biden is one of those people who don't value truth or honesty. "I think they just want to win," Rogan said. "The Biden thing—I think he just always wanted people to think highly of himself."

This is why Rogan made a comment previously that he would sooner vote for Trump than Biden. Not because he's necessarily conservative or a fan of Trump's policies, but because he believes it's clear that Biden is a liar who is in cognitive decline and Trump is a better choice to be the leader of the free world.

"I would vote for Trump before I would vote for Biden," Rogan said. "But I didn't vote for either."

The media will likely never acknowledge Biden's mental decline over the years, but that's exactly why none of the mainstream news outlets have the level of viewers that Joe Rogan has. Because at the end of the day, audiences value honest commentary over the lies.

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