J.K. Rowling Says She Would "Happily" Face Imprisonment Rather Than Say Transwomen Are Women

J.K. Rowling says she'd rather face two years of imprisonment than deny reality.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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J.K. Rowling is not backing down on her views on trans people despite the constant backlash she receives.

Rowling has always strongly opposed the harmful trans ideology, especially with "transwomen" (men who identify as women), and has consistently advocated for safety in women's spaces. Though she's even cited sources of trans-identifying men harming women in same-sex spaces, the author frequently sparks outrage for speaking the truth.

The author doesn't stop there. Rowling also uses her platform to fight against the "affirming" medical procedures and surgeries for children, labeling them a medical scandal, stating that she was worried about minors "being persuaded that a solution for all distress is lifelong medicalization." It's refreshing to see a famous person speaking out against the movement that has influenced young people to alter and mutilate their bodies.

"I genuinely think that we are watching one of the worst medical scandals in a century," she said in The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling audio documentary. "I would ask proponents of gender identity ideology – if you are wrong, you have cheered on, you’ve created a climate, quite a threatening climate, in which whistleblowers and young people themselves are being intimidated out of raising concerns."

Over the years, Rowling went from being known as the creator of the Harry Potter series to being recognized as a "TERF" (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) and a so-called "transphobe," yet she continues to go against the grain by loudly advocating for women's rights – and she is not going to stay silent, even if it sends her to jail.

J.K. Rowling Would Rather Be in Jail Than Deny Reality

Recently, the author tweeted a photo that read, "Repeat after us: Trans women are women," followed by a caption that said, "No." Her post was seen over 40 million times and was liked by nearly 400,000 X users.

Musician Scott Spalding wrote in the comment section, "Vote Labour, get a two year stretch!" Rowling responded by saying she'd rather serve time than deny reality.

"I'll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex. Bring on the court case, I say. It'll be more fun than I've ever had on a red carpet," Rowling wrote.

There is great irony in trans-identifying men spewing vitriol against Rowling, a natural-born woman. Many of us are grateful that she uses her large platform to speak against them.

Earlier this year, Rowling raised concerns about the misogyny of men redefining what it means to be a woman. "Men defining what a woman is, what women should and shouldn’t fear, what women should and shouldn’t say, what rights women should be fine with giving up and, of course, what constitutes ‘real’ misogyny: get a bloody mirror. That’s real misogyny, looking right back at you."

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