J.K. Rowling Calls Out Trans Activists For Their Cruel Prison Policies

"If you support putting violent and sexually predatory men into women's prisons, you are knowingly forcing those women to live in fear of, and, in some proven cases, to suffer abuse that many of them will have endured pre-incarceration," Rowling recently tweeted. "You are not kind. You are not righteous. Women have the basic human right not to suffer cruel and unusual punishment."

By Carmen Schober1 min read
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J.K. Rowling, the celebrated author, has once again defied the "progressive" gender narrative with a powerful tweet concerning the intersection of "trans rights" and women's safety in prisons.

"The trans activist outrage that ensues on here whenever I share my belief that jailed women shouldn't be used as validation tools or emotional support props for trans-identified male sex offenders is as revealing as it's predictable," she tweeted, once again calling attention to the staggering hypocrisy within trans activism, particularly when it comes to the trans community demanding that male prisoners be housed with female prisoners.

A Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Women

The evidence supporting Rowling's concerns is not merely anecdotal. Studies and reports have highlighted instances where the presence of male in women's prisons has led to discomfort, fear, and even abuse. Given that nearly 60% of all male inmates who identify as female are convicted sex offenders who often committed crimes against women, this is a truly deranged policy. It's made even more horrifying by the fact that the instances of male prisoners harming female prisoners continue to rise as progressive activists push for more "inclusivity."

Her tweet then meticulously dismantles the parroted assertions by activists and their supporters and ultimately points out the staggering hypocrisy.

"These are people who preen themselves on their kindness and virtue, so acknowledging the truth - that they're indifferent to vulnerable women being assaulted or traumatised - threatens the idea they have of themselves. They therefore double down. The prisoners complaining aren't really afraid of rape or voyeurism or violence at all, they say. They're 'not exactly delicate flowers', as one self-identified empath put it."

In essence, Rowling is condemning the extreme consequences of prioritizing ideological purity over women's safety, and other progressives would do well to take note. Her critique is obviously not an indictment of all trans individuals, but it is a plea for policy-making rooted in reality rather than a distorted political ideology.

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