In Honor Of Jessica Walters, Here Are Some Of Lucille Bluth’s Most Iconic Moments

By Keelia Clarkson
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“Arrested Development” would’ve been lost without the incredibly savage and witty Lucille Bluth.

Jessica Walter was revered for her comedic timing, praised for the bite she gave to her characters, and known for her dramatic flair. A true actress, she owned every scene she appeared in.

But sadly, Walter passed away earlier this week, causing fans to grieve over her departure, and look back at the actress’ incredible career — most notably, her work on Arrested Development, the hilarious tale of the Bluths, an out-of-touch, privileged Southern California family who run into legal and financial troubles. Walter’s portrayal of Lucille Bluth, the matriarch, was one that’s stuck with fans for years.

one of the few honest people

So in honor of the passing of Jessica Walter, here Lucille Bluth’s most iconic moments:

When she let her true feelings about Gob be known:

love all my children equally

When she knew better than to respond to criticism:

veiled criticism

When she had her priorities in order:

dead in CA than alive in AZ

When she wouldn’t let a minor inconvenience get in the way of style:

fox foot cut off

When she was suspicious of her son asking her to hang out:

i thought we could hang out

When she greatly overestimated the price of produce:

the cost of a banana

When she had a solo dance party at home:

dancing cigar martini

When she reinforced her disregard for Gob:

family party not gob

When she joked with her housekeeper:

coat costs more than your house

When she understood breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

vodka and toast for breakfast

When she wasted no time dismissing complicated questions:

dont understand the question wont respond

When she gave Lindsay a dose of reality:

did nothing cancel

When she was a protective mother:

flying too close to the sun

And, of course, when she did her chicken dance:

chicken dance group

And let's not forget the power of her eyes:

stank eye
staring at michael

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