Jessica Biel Explains How She And Justin Timberlake Keep The Romance Alive After Almost 10 Years Together

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Actress Jessica Biel and pop sensation Justin Timberlake have been married for nearly a decade. They tied the knot in Italy in 2012 and have since had two children.

Although there has been some speculation about Timberlake's faithfulness to Biel (there was an incident in 2019 in which he was spotted holding hands with Palmer costar Alisha Wainwright), the couple seems to be going strong still. They've made several red carpet appearances together recently, and the latest one was for Biel's new Hulu show called Candy. Biel opened up about how they keep the spark going after being married for 10 years.

Jessica Biel Explains How She and Justin Timberlake Keep the Romance Alive

Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima chatted with Biel on the red carpet and asked her what the secret is to their successful marriage.

"It's a really good question, right?" Biel responded. "Well, I'll have to give Justin the credit in this moment, for this one thing that he always says to me: 'We might be married, but we have to keep dating,' and it's so true."

"You just have to keep making time for each other, and you have to keep making each other a priority," she continued. "And do the things that you love together."

Biel admitted that "it's not always easy," but prioritizing sweet moments with each other is what makes "all the hard times palatable."

The couple appeared to be happy together on the red carpet, and Biel shined wearing white wide-legged pants with a matching white crop top. Timberlake wore a navy suit with a paisley shirt.

"It's always fun to celebrate something that you're proud of, and to do it with him and have a glass of wine," Biel said. "It feels special, it does."

Candy is based on a true story in which a woman in the 1980s is accused of murdering her best friend after having an affair with her husband. You can watch the series on Hulu.

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